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Art advice - 19 January 2018

Tips for first time art buyers

For some, buying your first piece of art can be a heady, exciting experience, but for others it can be a nervous, overwhelming one. Don’t worry if the latter is true for you – as art experts (artsperts?) we’ve long been giving advice to help first time art buyers breeze through the process and take home artwork to enjoy for years to come.

Looking back over the past 12 months, there were 7 arty advisories which stood out from the crowd, resonating with our readers and delivering the top tips you need. We’ve gathered them up in one blog so you can quickly jump to the content that that you need:

1) Art movements glossary

Don’t know your abstract expressionism from your installation art? Click here to de-mystify the key art movement with straight forward explanations.

An art collector at Affordable Art Fair Singapore

2) How to decide what art you like

Right, we know the what the key movements mean, but what type of art do you like? Are you still pondering print or painting? Abstract or geometric? Check out this blog to help you focus your thoughts.

3) Collect like an expert

Get in the mind-set of an art-collector with some handy advice from the professionals.


Now on to the fun part – it’s time to hunt out that perfect piece. But before you do read these two blogs:

4) Eight tips for exploring an art fair
5) Top tips for buying art online

So, you’ve invested in a beautiful piece of contemporary art… and then what? Curating your home and hanging artwork require a little finesse also, and of course we have the ‘how to’ advice you need:

A gallerist hangs work at Affordable Art Fair New York

6) How to: curating at home
7) How to: hang your artwork

And there we have it, the advice to support you through every step of the way when making your first (second, or third) art purchase.

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