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Art advice - 19 October 2016

A beginner's guide to curating

Photo of Fair Director Nicky Wheeler

So, you’ve been to the fair, fallen in love with an artwork or two, and taken them home to show off to the world. But, what’s the best way to display your beautiful new art collection to maximise its impact in your home?

Former Battersea Fair Director, Nicky Wheeler, has shared her top tips on curating your art collection at home, to wow your guests with your creative know-how …

Confidence is key

‘Confidence and creativity are key to hanging your artwork in imaginative places. You need to make the most of the space available. If your ceilings are high, consider arranging artworks above a doorway. Hallways are another great place to display artwork and it’s an effective way to liven up the space. Placing several pieces of art in a continuous line around, or into, a corner can be dynamic and different, too.’

One is the magic number

‘A single piece of beautifully framed art in the middle of a blank wall can have enormous impact, especially if that work is particularly punchy or large. It creates a real focal point for a room. You need to think about the way the artwork interacts with the space; symmetry of furniture and furnishings around the piece can really help to draw the eye to it.’

Just out the salon

‘I love the impact a salon hang creates, if you’ve got a collection of smaller or eclectic pieces. When creating such an arrangement, it’s best to start at the top of the wall. Keep the tops of the frames in a straight line and work down from there, leaving a similar amount of space around each piece. Beyond that, let your imagination take over! I love incorporating objects on shelves, or small mirrors, for example, to add interest and depth to the hang.’

Creative curating at home imageThrough the keyhole

‘If you’re getting something framed, remember not to have the picture touch the glass as certain materials will start to deteriorate. That’s why mount boards are used. Personally, I’m a fan of small artworks in big chunky frames. It pulls the focus towards the art and it feels like looking through a keyhole or a tiny window.’

Embrace the unconventional

‘Don’t discount spaces in your home where you might not obviously think to place art, but make sure you consider the practicalities. Anything printed on metal will suffer above a radiator. In the bathroom you’ll need to avoid anything on paper, but oils or acrylics on canvas should be fine … if you’re not sure, chat to your gallerist about the materials your artwork is made from.’

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