Photography and Filming policy

Photography or filming takes place at all Affordable Art Fair events. It is common practice and helps us to inspire future visitors to discover the joy of collecting art, to demonstrate that our fairs are open to everyone, and it also provides a means for recording the evolution of Affordable Art Fair events over time.

By taking and publishing photographs, Affordable Art Fair is exercising its rights to freedom of expression, the rights of the public to receive information, and creating and archiving a historical record of Affordable Art Fair events by taking and retaining photographs which also have an indefinite period of promotional value, all of which are ‘legitimate interests’.

Video and photography usage
Images and video footage captured at Affordable Art Fair events may be published on the company’s promotional channels, including websites, social media feeds, printed collateral and advertising.

Always positive
The images that we select for publication or sharing will positively reflect our visitor’s attendance at an Affordable Art Fair event, and usage will always come from the perspective of education and celebration.

Notifying customers
All events include signage at the entrance which notifies visitors that photography or filming will be taking place and directing visitors to this Photography and Filming Policy for further information.

Right to Object
Importantly, under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), individuals have the right to object to their images being processed. Due to Affordable Art Fair events taking place in public settings, it is not always possible for individuals to opt in or out of being photographed or filmed at an event. Where someone does object then Affordable Art Fair will make all reasonable attempts to avoid photographing that individual, and all identified images will be deleted on request at the earliest possible opportunity, this is unless there appears to be a reason why the image should be retained under data protection or other laws or duties.

If you have any objections for the processing of images captured by Affordable Art Fair photographers, please email, so we can formally record the objection before deleting the relevant images.