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Trends - 22 April 2020

Say “520” to loved ones

Right now, the whole world’s attention is united on the fight against Covid-19, which in a strange way, has helped to highlight the importance of love and its power to keep us going with hope and strength. So, on the 20th May, to celebrate 520 day – which in Mandarin, sounds like “I love you” – why not reach out? Be it to your better half, your family or friends, there is no better time to should show your loved ones how much you care.

Even if it’s just a random day to you, take this reminder as the perfect opportunity to spread a positive vibe, something that we need now, more than ever. To help inspire you, we’ve talked to three friends of the Affordable Art Fair and ask them to tell us how art has played a role in saying “I love you”.




Nashua Gallagher

Nashua Gallagher and husband with their Philip Raskin paintingNashua is a media professional, author and Founding Director of Peel Street Poetry, a weekly poetry open mic night in Central Hong Kong. At Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Nashua and her husband found “the one” for their walls on the Marine House at Beer stand, a dramatic painting by British artist Philip Raskin:

“We took one look at each other and knew that the artwork had found a home with us. We were celebrating our ten-year wedding anniversary and decided this was the perfect way to mark it. Enhancing the home we’ve made together was a really nice way to mark the milestone, because the symbolism is rather appropriate – different people moved by a piece is such a rarity”


 Painting by British artist Philip RaskinNathalie Maquet, Exotique, 2016, HK$11,916, oil, original, Eclectic Gallery


Elaine Wong

Artist Elaine WongElaine is an artist, videographer and founder of Altermodernists, an artist-community in Hong Kong. Thinking about her mother, she considered which artwork she would love to purchase for her – and chose Exotique by French artist Nathalie Maquet (artwork above, right) from Eclectic Gallery.

“I would like to buy this painting, for my mother. She loves flowers, but because of her cat, she cannot keep real flowers at home. The way Nathalie Maquet composes the work is refreshing, the colours and the range of different flowers give plenty of room for imagination. With this painting, it is like I am sending her flowers every day.”


May Wong

May Wong, Associate Fair Director, Affordable Art Fair Hong KongMay is the Associate Fair Director of Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, she would like to reach out to everyone in her heart this 520 day. To represent this, she chose Floriculture A13 by British artist Lisa Creagh from Crane Kalman Brighton. Here’s why:

“Peonies symbolise romance, prosperity, good fortune and compassion. I picked this artwork of a single peony, photographed beautifully by Lisa Creagh, to connect with those I love and appreciate. I hope this artwork restores their spirit and gives them energy to keep moving forward during these challenging times.”


Lisa Creagh, Floriculture A13, 2017, HK$10,800, photograph, limited edition of 15, Crane Kalman Brighton


Which artwork would you choose to say “520” to you loved ones? A mood-boosting work can revitalise your interior décor, so whether you’re purchasing as a gift or to demonstrate some well-needed self-love and care, this could be a great time to say “I love you” with art. Why not browse our curated category of artwork selected to celebrate this 520 day.




Main Image:
Joseph, Love, 2020, HK$30,000, acrylic, original, Galerie Art Jingle.

Featured images from first to last:
Nashua Gallagher and her husband.
Nashua's artwork by Philip Raskin, represented by Marine House at Beer.
Nathalie Maquet, Exotique, 2016, HK$11,916, oil, original, Eclectic Gallery.
Artist, Elaine Wong.
May Wong, Associate Fair Director, Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong.
Lisa Creagh, Floriculture A13, 2017, HK$10,800, photograph, limited edition of 15, Crane Kalman Brighton.


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