Nathalie Maquet

United Kingdom

Nathalie Maquet is a French artist (b 1979) currently living and working in London. She completed a MSci in Mathematics at Imperial College London in 2001. After 9 years working in the financial services industry in the City of London, she decided to go to art school to pursue my passion for painting and completed a BA in Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School in 2012. "My paintings are about a spontaneous experience of nature and an always changing and flowing reality. Viewers are invited into the imaginary, where they experience a fluid and vibrant world of light and colour. I have been exploring nature from different points of view: up close to discover its depths, and further away to explore a wider expanse of the landscape. An intuitive process guides me, where the painting organically evolves. This is a process of taking natural forms such as flowers or a landscape with a strong physical structure, and then de-constructing it. Shapes and details are radically simplified to find nature’s essential form. I am also interested in exploring rhythm and how organic and natural patterns are used to create a feeling of movement and a sense of balance and harmony."

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Artwork by Nathalie Maquet