Galerie Art Jingle


Located in the heart of the historical Parisian neighbourhood 'Le Marais' in Paris, Galerie Art Jingle was founded in 2004 by Stéphane Bou. During its first years, the gallery was focused on the collision between music and painting, exhibiting works with an hyperrealistic aesthetic. But the gallery owner, Stéphane Bou, soon decided to dedicate most of his exhibitions to unique contemporary artistic creations. He begins organising temporary exhibitions, the first ones gathering around music and realism. A long-term collaboration between the gallery and future well-known artists also start at this point. In 2006 he opens a second gallery space, integrally dedicated to contemporary art. The support and promotion of young French artists are some of the main artistic values of the gallery, where important part of is, in fact, offered to sculptors and painters. Art Jingle Gallery’s exhibit space allows two simultaneous exhibitions in two different places. Its public is very numerous and diverse thanks to faithful art collectors and a frequent renewal of the pieces exhibited, as well as the gallery’s attendance to many French and international art fairs.

Latest Artworks