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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 13 January 2020

Meet Chiara Pozzi

The illustration world is captivating, filled with many stories concealed behind its images. So naturally, we at Affordable Art Fair, are fascinated by it!

Thanks to a collaboration with Chiara Pozzi, the creator of the “Illustrazioni Seriali” project, we’ve had the opportunity to gain a closer insight into this world. She told us all about Illustrazioni Seriali and her documentation and research. Work that has culminated in the creation of a collection of beautiful images that remind us that the art of illustration is more alive than ever.

And it’s with thanks to Chiara that we’ll be able to enjoy this curated collection of works at the next edition of Affordable Art Fair Milan (7 – 9 February, Superstudio Più). Don’t miss out on browsing the special project dedicated to illustrations, which this year features works by Elisa Macellari, Quentin Monge and Ana Popescu, who have created a stunning series of original works and limited editions especially for the fair.



Hi Chiara, how did your adventure in the art world begin?

Chiara Pozzi, founder of Illustrazioni SerialiIt began almost by a stroke of luck. After high school, like many students, I was very confused. With some reservation, I chose to study Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage, as I have always considered culture, in the broad sense, to be a fundamental part of existence. However, at that time I had absolutely no idea what career I actually wanted to pursue and would be able to do after finishing my studies.

Being a generally curious person, at the start of my third year at university I looked for an internship related to the art world, and after submitting my first CV I was invited for an interview at the Massimo De Carlo gallery. Just a few weeks after I started my internship as a gallery assistant, I had realised that the role and sector perfectly matched my interests and personality.

I've now been working in the art world for 10 years. I love it – it allows me to travel, to discover new artists and to work with interesting people. Above all, in the art world you never stop learning.


When did you develop a passion for illustration?

ILLUSTRAZIONI SERIALI Elisa Macellari, Kaguya Hime, 2019, gouache su carta, 40x30 cmImages that speak have intrigued me since I was a child, but with studying, my passion has evolved over time. I learnt by visiting and working in galleries and exhibition venues, that I am more attracted to art which includes figurative imagery, and this includes illustration; an infinite world with an ancient and beautiful history.


How did you come up with the idea for the “Illustrazioni Seriali” project?

Illustrazioni Seriali initially started as a kind of personal database, where I wrote down the names of the illustrators who I discovered both online and offline that I did not want to forget. Over time, looking for discussion and dialogue, I felt a need to share these discoveries with an interested audience. It was at this point that I opened an Instagram account where I began to post images of the world I liked the best. Immediately afterwards I decided to create the website, where I publish monthly reviews of exhibitions, artist recommendations and above all, interviews with the illustrators I work with. In the last year, Illustrazioni Seriali has also became the name under which I curate special projects and collaboratate with illustrators.


How do you select the illustrators you work with?

ILLUSTRAZIONI SERIALI Ana Popescu, Itoshima Spaces III, acrilico su carta, 20x30cmBasically I do a lot of research – the internet and social networks are very helpful. Though online research is not exclusive – illustrators can be found everywhere, from book covers to newspapers, children’s books, paper prints and scarves. It is a boundless world and if you’re curious you’ll never stop discovering new talent! When I travel, for work and pleasure, I’m always looking for galleries that focus on illustration, specialised bookshops and concept stores.

When I find an illustrator who I particularly like, I get in touch with them through Instagram or email. I tell them about my Illustrazioni Seriali project, and we start a conversation.


Are you a collector yourself? Why invest, specifically, in contemporary illustrators?

I don’t know if I’d call myself a collector, but certainly when I am able to, I really like to buy the works of the artists I follow. I started by buying limited editions without a specific approach, then over the past couple of years, I’ve been focussing on original works and to trying to trace a common thread through my tiny collection.

The positive aspect of illustration is that it has an audience of true enthusiasts – those who buy it for pure pleasure, without thinking about investment, as often happens in contemporary art. This makes it more accessible and means that you can buy a print or screenprint at a reasonable price. But you can also find original works at affordable prices. For example, at this year’s fair I will almost exclusively present original works, with prices starting from €300.


What artists will we find at this year’s Milan fair?

ILLUSTRAZIONI SERIALI Quentin Monge, In your arms, 2019, acrilco su tela, 80x100 cmThis year I will bring three artists to the fair who I’ve been following for some time and who I can’t wait to present to the public: Quentin Monge, Elisa Macellari and Ana Popescu.

Quentin Monge is a French illustrator and art director. His illustrations are very popular – he has collaborated with very important brands, magazines and publishing houses thanks to his clear, captivating language. As well as accepting commissions, he has a personal and recognisable style that enables him to work with galleries, as well as on commercial projects.

Elisa Macellari is an artist who I’ve known for many years. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to work with her for a long time!  In June I curated one of her exhibitions, which was specially created for the Gastronomia Yamamoto restaurant. Elisa produced 10 beautiful original illustrations based on famous Japanese fairy tales. I’m delighted to be able to exhibit them at the fair to a wider audience.

Ana Popescu has been in my sights for a couple of years too. I interviewed her last year and immediately decided to involve her in the Affordable Art Fair project. She is young, precise and stands out from the crowd. She works as an illustrator and has a strong, personal style. There will only be her original works at the fair.


What are your future plans for Illustrazioni Seriali?

I have lots of ideas and I would like to keep on collaborating with the illustrators I follow, organising exhibitions in public spaces, giving them the chance to have excellent exposure.

Several brands have started to ask me for artistic advice, which is something I really enjoy. There are many companies that want to collaborate with artists to create a unique product with added value, and I help them to get in touch with the artists and support the project. This is definitely a path that I am really interested in and hope to continue following.


Thanks Chiara! Don’t miss out on the Illustrazioni Seriali special exhibition at this year’s Affordable Art Fair Milan (7 – 9 February, Superstudio Più). Follow the link below to buy your tickets and keep an eye on the what’s on page to read up on all the fantastic special projects at the fair.




Main Image:
The Illustrazioni Seriali exhibition at Affordable Art Fair Milan 2019.

Featured images from first to last:
Chiara Pozzi, founder of Illustrazioni Seriali.
Elisa Macellari, Kaguya Hime, 2019, €380, gouache on paper, 40x30 cm, Illustrazioni Seriali.
Ana Popescu, Itoshima Spaces III, €850, acrylic on paper, 20x30cm, Illustrazioni Seriali.
Quentin Monge, In your arms, 2019, €3,800, acrylic on canvas, 80x100 cm, Illustrazioni Seriali.


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