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Features and programming at the Affordable Art Fair Milan 2018

Talk at Affordable Art Fair Milan 2017



Thursday 25 January, 6 – 10pm

DJ set with Andrea Tempo and DJ Kramer in collaboration with Elita. Artist, Alan Borguet, from Carte Scoperte Art Gallery will perform live. Toast provided by Heineken ®. Visitors can join the opening party only by invitation or online presale. Buy tickets for the opening party here »


What happens when you bring home a contemporary artwork? In this series of talks we will explore how to start and grow a collection. We'll also cover maintenance, restoration and "curating at home".

How to: Preserve contemporary art - Friday 26 January, 5.30pm - Talk Room
From regular maintenance to high-tech laser cleaning, our guest Isabella Villafranca Soissons is a leading expert in art care techniques. Isabella is Director of Conservation and Preservation at Open Care - the only company in Italy offer integrated services for art conservation, management and enhancement.

Living with art and developing your collection - Saturday 27 January, 5.30pm - Talk Room
Guest Claudio Palmigiano, collector and Board Member of ACACIA - Associazione Amici Arte Contemporanea, will present the Claudio and Maria Grazia Palmigiano Collection. He talks about his role at Acacia and his exhibition project, where the works of young artists are hosted in Acacia members homes, appearing alonside masterpieces in these private collections.

Art & Finance Report, presented by Deloitte - Sunday 28 January, 5.30pm - Talk Room
Guest Barbara Tagliaferri, Art & Finance coordinator for Italy, talks about the financial dimension of art. She presents the latest edition of the Art & Finance Report, conducted by Deloitte and ArtTactic. This report is a key resource for the industry. It delves into the needs and predictions of collectors, auction houses, gallery owners, art advisors and wealth managers.


Meet curator Francesca Marani and a series of other photography experts, researchers and journalists. Get to know the medium in depth and learn about how contemporary photographers are pushing the boundaries.

In the smartphone era, it is more necessary than ever to stop for a moment and ask ourselves: what is the true power of a picture?

Working with images - Friday 26 January, 3.30pm - Talk Room
Young curators, journalists and researchers working in the field of photography talk about the challenges of their profession. Our hosts will be Ilaria Speri, Federica Chiocchetti, Zoe De Luca and Francesca Seravalle.

Mobile photography with Irene Alison - Saturday 27 January, 3.30pm - Talk Room
Irene Alison talks about mobile phone cameras as communication tools, analysing their potential, their limits and the possibilities available for the authors that use them. She builds on the observations presetned in the iRevolution book (published by Postcart). The author examines some poignant questions: Can mobile photography be considered a new language, given its influence in modern communication? What is the role of th professional photographer in a world where everyone, at any time, can record any event with their phone?

See the story - Sunday 28 January, 3.30pm - Talk Room
Photography is a window to new worlds – a fundamental tool to discover realities far from ours. Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor Vogue Italia, interviews Franco Pagetti, an authoritative Italian photojournalist, to retrace his forty year career and reflect on the scope and the limitation of contemporary reportage photography.


SPECIAL EVENT in collaboration with Freeda - Friday 26 January, 19.00 - Talk Room
A special talk about the role of creativity and new media, presented by the publishing project Freeda, with Daria Bernardoni and the illustrator who colours the digital pages of the publication. Special guests include GIRLSINMUSEUMS, Invasioni Digitali and Wide VR. After the talk, stop by and try the augmented reality provided by Wide VR.


Special thematic guided tours will be lead by the Affordable Art Fair Milan team.
You can book the guided tour from this link »

Street Art - Friday 26 January, 11.30am & 3pm
Following the paths of Street Art, guided tour selected by Giulia Barigelli, Fair Coordinator.

Around the World in 85 Galleries - Saturday 27 January, 11.30am & 3pm
Around the World in 85 galleries, guided tour selected by Laura Gabellotto, Fair Manager.

New Entries - Sunday 28 January, 11.30am & 3pm
New entries: discovering the raising stars of the future; guided tour selected by Manuela Porcu, Fair Director.


Meeting and working with an artist is a unique experience, and at the Affordable Art Fair Milan you can take part in workshops and learn from the artists themselves! Workshops will take place every day at 4.30pm in the Workshop Area, and are open to both children and adults.

Friday 26 January, 4.30pm - Workshop Area

Discover and learn contemporary art techniques in this workshop with Street artist Ale Puro, in collaboration with Il Melograno Art Gallery and The Outartlet Gallery.

Saturday 27 January, 4.30pm - Workshop Area

Discover and learn contemporary collage technique art this practical artist-led workshop. Presented by Francesca Lupo in collaboration with Liberty Gallery.

Sunday 28 January, 4.30pm - Workshop Area

A “glitch” is an “unpredictable mistake”, a “slip”. This workshop explores creating glitch art works. Presented by artist Michela Gioachin in collaboration with ExpArt Studio & Gallery.


Enjoy the happy hour with a live performance at Affordable Art Fair Milano.

Saturday 27 January, 7pm - Workshop Area

Have a good time with Street artist La Pupazza, in collaboration with 958 Santero.

Sunday 28 January, 7pm - Workshop Area

Enjoy the Sketching Challenge by Loris Dogana, in collaboration with Pisacane Arte.

Children enjoying creative activities organised by Sul filo dell'arteKIDS SPACE

Open daily from 11am - 8pm - Kids Lab Area

The Affordable Art Fair welcomes even the youngest of collectors the Kids Lab Area is a space exclusively for children, where they can play and learn about art through the creative activities organised by Sul filo dell'arte. The association Sul filo dell'arte was founded in 2013 in Monza by a group of passionate women interested in tricot and crochet. The association is made up of a consolidated group but is open to anyone who wants to approach and share the passion. Every day you can make your artwork inspired by artists Damien Hirst, Keith Haring and Marcel Duchamp.


Friday 26 January, 5.30pm

Giulia Barigelli, Fair Coordinator guides young art collectors to the discovery of contemporary art. At the end of the guided tour, we'll have happy hour tasting of Santero 958 Zero. Book your tour here »


By Decléor & Shu Uemura - Lounge

A visit to the fair is a celebration of beauty, in all it's forms! Recharge yourself in the lounge area with exclusive skin and hair treatments from Décleor and Shu Uemura.

Shu Uemura
"Never stop thinking, improving, innovating, creating something universally beautiful, this is Art."

That is the thought that inspired Mr. Shu Uemura to revolutionise the world of cosmetics in 1967. The visionary Hollywood make-up artist created a brand that moved into hair design in 2007. Shu Uemura Art of Hair is today a brand dedicated to art, professional beauty and inspiration from Tokyo. This dedication is express through creative women's hair styling and in feeding a inspiration to a community of indie hair artists and enthusiasts.

At Affordable Art Fair, Shu Uemura Art of Hair will talk visitors through three limited edition prints signed by international artists, including Takashi Murakami, some of which will be exhibited at the fair.

Decléor opens the doors of the aroma-skincare through the detoxifying power that essential oils have on skin, body and mind. Thanks to a beautiful olfactory table anyone can know the Aromessence beauty serums-oils, 100% natural concentrates of nature, and find the one that best suits your needs.

From the Rose of the East to Ylang Cananga, from Neroli Amara to Mandarin, from Lavandula to Magnolia, each Aromessence has its specific active ingredient to improve not only the state of the skin, but also its daily life in front of problems like stress, external environmental aggressions, climatic changes, mood changes, lack of sleep or an unregulated lifestyle.

Inside the art fair, active and frenetic as the Affordable Art Fair, Decléor will give a real moment of well-being to all those who want to take a moment to relax among art gallery visits and workshop.

Explore the unique world of Shu Uemura and find your own expression of beauty through the Art of Hair. In 1958, Shu Uemura set out to revolutionise the world of make-up. Shu Uemura brings together nature and science with the passion and sensitivity of an artist.


CBM Italia Onlus give preventative treatment and care to people affected by blindness and disability in the countries of the South. They join us at the fair for the second consecutive year.

CBM Italia will educate and inspire on the topic of blindness over the three days of the fair with a stand dedicated to art and disability.


The Lounge space is furnished in collaboration with CASA CANVAS. Home-gallery and design studio, CASA CANVAS moved for a few days to Affordable Art Fair Milan, bringing its collection and its charming atmosphere. CASA CANVAS is an innovative location where art, design and architecture coexist. A showcase for young artists and designers, aimed at an Italian and international audience. All set in the interior of an eighteenth-century villa in the heart of Brianza, just half an hour from Milan, surrounded by one of the few existing Italian gardens. Come and discover living with art according to Thayse Viégas, founder of CASA CANVAS.

Happy hour kids at Milan Affordable Art Fair


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