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Art and the city - 20 June 2018

Summer Art in Hong Kong

Things are hotting up in Hong Kong, and it’s not just the plans for the 2019 fair we’re talking about. This summer there are a huge amount of in- and out-door artistic activities across city and beyond, and we’ve gathered our top picks in this handy blog.

With the soft opening of the Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts in Central, there are a series of exciting exhibitions coming up within the area. But don't limit yourself on the island - go explore the multifunctional shopping mall with art offerings!


Art exhibitions in Hong Kong this summer

1. Dismantling the Scaffold

WHERE: Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
WHEN: 9 June - 15 August, 11am - 7pm

Bringing together local and international artists, Tai Kwun kickstarts the soft launch with the first exhibition entitled “Dismantling the Scaffold”. Presented with Spring Workshop, the exhibition reimagines and examines the established conventions and norms conditioning how we navigate and give shape to our everyday lives.

2. K11 10th Anniversary X Jean Jullien’s ‘Bright Idea’

Jean Jullien, Bright Idea, Wonder Pop exhibition, K11WHERE: K11 Piazza, 18 Hanoi Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
WHEN: 8 June - 31 August, 10am - 10pm

As a prelude to K11’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, the WONDER POP exhibition features Jean Jullien’s thought-provoking artwork which reflects on modern society’s relationship with technology. Showcasing over 30 artworks, Jullien has also created a special installation in the form of a 5m-tall lamp called "Bright Idea" to represent the sheer joy of an inspirational thought or eureka moment.

3. Black Mountain by Zhu Jing Yi

Black Mountain exhibition, Zhu Jing Yi, Karin Weber GalleryWHERE: Karin Weber Gallery, 20 Aberdeen Street
WHEN: 7 June - 21 July, 11am - 7pm, Tuesday – Saturday

Even though his creative medium is ink, artist Zhu Jing Yi does not walk along the traditional path. In his pursuit to find the darkest black, he realised that oil in combination with resin, could be shaped into stunning organic 3-dimensional pieces.

Since having his own eureka moment, Zhu Jing Yi has developed his Chinese painting style of artwork, with a contemporary twist, to challenge the preconceptions of the viewer. “Black Mountain”, his first solo show at Karin Weber Gallery presents an ensemble of selected works.

4. 100 Photos: A Story of Our Times

100 Photos A Story of Our Times, The GalleryWHERE: The Gallery (Low Zone), Academy Hall 2 & 3, Jao Tsung-I Museum, 800 Castle Peak Road
WHEN: Now until 31 August

Detailing Hong Kong's long and rich history from 1841-1997, this fascinating exhibition focusses on the city's rapid metamorphosis from a fishing village to a the modern day global metropolitan hub that we know, all communicated through photos and stories.

In an exciting twist, and in order to bring history back to life, the exhibition contains AR (augmented reality) technology which will allow you to interact with the past in various sections of the exhibition!

So what are you waiting for? Its time to get in, out and shake it all about in all of those lovely art galleries.

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Main Image:
Dismantling the Scaffolding exhibition at the Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts.

Featured art from first to last:
WONDER POP exhibition as a part of the K11 10th Anniversary, features Jean Jullien’s ‘Bright Idea’
Zhu Jing Yi's first solo show; Black Mountain, will take place at the Karin Weber Gallery, Central
100 Photos: A Story of Our Times exhibition at The Gallery (Low Zone), Jao Tsung-I Museum.


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