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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 14 November 2019

Singapore itineraries for all

There’s so much to see and do at Affordable Art Fair Singapore (22 – 24 November, F1 Pit Building), you just have to take a quick glance at our What’s On page to see that! So, no matter whether you have one hour or a whole day, we’ve prepared a series of exciting itineraries to help you get the most out of your visit.



If you’re pushed for time, follow our one-hour itinerary:

Before you arrive, make sure you browse the e-catalogue, selecting your not-to-be-missed galleries. Plus, don’t forget to buy your tickets online in advance to skip the queue!

1. On arrival, pick up a copy of the fair guide, and using the handy map, find your top three galleries.

2. Enroute, swing by the Ruinart Champagne bar to pick up a delicious glass of Champagne or wine.

3. Glass in hand, visit your selected galleries and speak to the gallerists about the works on display.

4. Having made your selection, visit the wrapping desk to have it wrapped up safely for free.

5. Enjoy your artwork for years to come!


Ruinart Champage bar at Affordable Art Fair Singapore  Gallerists at Affordable Art Fair Singapore  An art-buyer at Affordable Art Fair Singapore


Have half a day? Follow our three-hour itinerary:

To make sure you maximise your time, don’t forget to check-out the e-catalogue before your visit and note down your favourite’s, plus buy a ticket online in advance to skip the queue.

1. On arrival, pick up a copy of the fair guide and mark your favourite galleries, then head up to Level 2 and hit the aisles!

2. Swing by the Visual Arts Development Association, Singapore on Level 3, Room C to be impressed by the talent of a select group of young local artists’ works.

3. Need a quick break? Stop for a cuppa at the Sarnies café to refuel with a tasty snack.

4. Then, once you’re refreshed, moved on up to Level 3 to browse even more art. Don’t forget to beeline for your favourites as you go!

5. Snap a photo of the Dorsett Birds installations by Stickyline at the Dorsett Hospitality International Stand.


Keith Teo-something something leaking (2018)-Oil on canvas-100 cm x 75 cm- Photo courtesy of the artist and Visual Arts Development Association  Art browsing at Affordable Art Fair Singapore  Dorsett Birds installations by Stickyline at the Dorsett Hospitality International Stand


6. Feeling inspired? Head to the Creative Hub where you can take part in a creative workshop such as the Adopt Songsong activity at the Singapore Cancer Society Stand, Creative Hub, Level 3, Room E. Decorate your own adorable dog sculpture for a mere $30 donation to this fantastic cause.

7. All this art-browsing is hard work! If time permits, visit our delicious Gastro Park for some lunch or dinner. The perfect moment to consider your favourite artworks.

8. Pay for and wrap the one for your walls, then before heading home, grab a selfie next to the #ArtHappy wall for social!


Adopt Songsong activity at Affordable Art Fair Singpoare  Gastropark at Affordable Art Fair Singapore  The #ArtHappy wall at Affordable Art Fair Singapore


If you’re lucky enough to have a whole arty day out, follow our five-hour itinerary:

Preview the e-catalogue to get excited about your day! All of the exciting tips in our three-hour itinerary apply, but luckily you'll also have time to browse and join in with these additional features:

1. The Young Talent Programme exhibition, Level 2, Room A  where you can see exceptional works created by 7 carefully selected SEA artists, under 35.

2. If you’re visiting the fair en famille, don’t forget you can drop off the kids at the Children’s Creative Space on Level 3, Room E, Creative Hub for the day. Leaving the adults to browse the fair and consider 1000’s of gorgeous artworks.

3. We have even more exciting interactive activities in the Creative Hub on Level 3! Choose between the VR Painting and Graffiti workshop, join Rehyphen® who will help you create your own artwork using upcycled cassette tapes, or, why not create a collaborative silkscreen print with MOJOKO and take home a unique piece of work for just $100.


Louisa Violet_Pandemonium_2019_Photography_42 x 59.4 (A2)_500SGD.jpg  Childrens Creative Space at Affordable Art Fair Singapore  Collaborative silkscreen print with MOJOKO at Affordable Art Fair Singapore


4. For even more ground-breaking artwork, don’t miss the #SPOTLIGHT exhibition, curated to highlight the work of 17 select artists work, all new to the Singapore fair.

5. Create even more Instagram moments with a photo of Ara Cho’s City Oasis installation in the Creative Hub.

6. After a full day at the fair, we’re sure you won’t have been able to resist taking an artwork home, so don’t forget to stop by the #ArtHappy wall on Level 1 and share the excitement with your friends!


Arts de Siam_Pranai Kasemtavornsilpa_Natural Symbol_2019_Acrylic and wax pencil_90x110cm_SGD 6,500  GalleryArtPlaza_AraCho_CityOasis–Ferocactus_2018_MixedMedia_17x17x30cm_USD9  Art buyers at Affordable Art Fair Singapore


We hope these handy itineraries have helped you to prepare for the fair – now all that is left to do, is buy your tickets and browse the e-catalogue. See you there!




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