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Art advice - 11 July 2019

Meet collector Phoebe Ng

Phoebe NgPhoebe Ng lives in Hong Kong, working for a local cultural institution. Having previously worked as a Fair Assistant at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong in 2015, she has attended every single edition since, making that essential first art-purchase at the 2019 fair!

Read on to find out more about Phoebe’s art purchasing process:



Have you always had a love for art?

Yes! I started drawing when I was young and my parents encouraged me by enrolling me in art classes, buying me art supplies and art books to learn techniques and history. I studied art and art history, but my course also touched on contemporary subjects. I ‘ve also taken some practical courses such as painting, printmaking and ceramics to understand the processes and now I definitely appreciate an artist’s work even more.


Phoebe's artwork insitu in her homeWhat made you return to this year’s Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong?

I was pleased to see that there were quite a number of Hong Kong galleries and artists at this year’s fair. Getting the chance to see different artworks from galleries both based in Hong Kong and around the world made me think this could be the year I bring something home.


What was the motivation behind purchasing your first piece of art?

I moved into my current flat about a year ago and still have some blank walls. I was looking for something that would make it feel more like home. After attending the fair for a number of years, I was determined to buy something.


Did you know what you were looking for?

I tend to like minimalist limited edition prints, but I ended up buying an original painting that is quite colourful! I brought along one of my larger tote bags (folded away in my purse) because I knew I was going to bring something home.


What advice would you give to another first time art buyer?

The Wishing Tree at Affordable Art Fair Hong KongIf you have time, go to the fair on multiple days. The first day I went, I took pictures of all the works I liked to think them over - and I did, I kept looking at them on my phone. The second day I went back to the fair and headed straight to the gallery and asked to see the pieces again.

Visiting the fair more than once will also give you the chance to talk to the galleries and see any new works displayed. Aside from browsing all the art, I also visited the café near the wishing tree, where I could see the kid’s activity area. I loved seeing the little ones engaged and creating art.


How did the gallery help you in the process?

Natasha from Turner Barnes Gallery brought all the pieces out, laid them on the floor and let me take my time arranging and moving around my chosen pieces as well as offering some framing styles. At first, I thought I was going to get one but seeing them beside each other convinced me to get multiple works. In the end, I chose four that I thought were unique in their own ways but complementary enough that they would play against each other well. Plus, I could arrange them differently in the future.


What did you find most exciting about purchasing your first piece of art?

One of Phoebe's original piecesSeeing them getting wrapped up together at the wrapping station because it meant the next time they were unwrapped; they would be in my home! It was like opening a present to myself.


It's so exciting to see a new art collector start their journey, surrounding themselves with works that they will appreciate for years to come. If you, like Phoebe, want to start your art collecting journey - we've added a link to a blog below, which includes some fantastic top tips for first time buyers, plus don't forget to block out your diary with the dates of your next Affordable Art Fair!

Alternatively, if you'd like to dive right in - Phoebe has selected some of her favourite works from our online marketplace - browse the collection below.




All artwork images:
Natasha Barnes, Puzzle Blocks, acrylic and resin on canvas, Turner Barnes Gallery.


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