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Affordable Art Fair
Inspire me - 26 September 2017

Discover in Amsterdam

Even subconsciously, as humans we are drawn to the new and exciting
REM atelier, Growing Plants Indoors  
Gallery Untitled

Any thing that breaks our rules-of-thumb instantly disrupts our flow; catches attention, draws us in and holds us. Pupils dilate, heads rotate, and everything else in the world dims to give focus to this new thing.

Surprise is that magical gap between reality and expectation where anything is possible. It’s an emotional state where we suddenly see the world differently. This feeling of wonder often comes over you in response to art – especially where it challenges your assumptions and introduces a new, relevant and persuasive perspective.

Discovery and learning reward the brain with a flood of positive effects – so, naturally, this is a something that we aim to curate for our visitors!

In 2016, our Amsterdam fair introduced the Discover Section, with an ongoing mission to bring new influence and pleasantly surprise the Amsterdam public with art from new and unexpected places.

“This is a platform for new galleries and innovative work that is not usually seen at art fairs. Exhibitors must be brand new on the scene, from somewhere exotic, or show us something that is totally quirky.”

“It’s an opportunity for us to be experimental and give galleries or artist groups an opportunity to get started. We make it accessible to them and give them the chance where otherwise they may not have it. Because… well, we know that visitors expect to see somethign new and exciting.”Kris Clark, Amsterdam Fair Director

New and exciting galleries

This year in Amsterdam, we look forward to welcoming some new, fresh-faced galleries to the Discover Section including Mumbai based Yes yes, why not? and Kollective Lumen, Leipzig.

Yes yes, why not?

Yes yes, why not? will be showcasing the youngest, coolest, edgiest Indian artists never to have been seen by the world.

“Our philosophy is simple: We pledge our allegiance to those who have the potential, but not the platform.”

“On hearing our story, Affordable Art Fair immediately opened up the Discover Section for us! It was this faith and yearning to promote young talent from around the world that convinced us to not let this opportunity to pass us by.”- Tapan Moody, Yes yes, why not?

Kunal-GRATITUDE-Assemblage Nerissa_HANUMAN_upcycled plywood

Kunal, Gratitude, assemblage
Yes yes, why not?

Nerissa, Hanuman, upcycled plywood
Yes yes, why not?

Kollective Lumen

Kollective Lumen, from Leipzig, will be using photography to show us unbelievable images of the human eye.

“We create an artwork from people's own eye, so everyone who takes part in the project discovers their eye through our photography – Our work fascinates people.”

“We can't wait to come to Amsterdam – It's a very international dynamic city, and highly cultural in different ways, from painting to architecture, and photography!”- Oliver, Kollective Lumen

Iris 1 Iris 2

Iris 1, Photography
Kollective Lumen

Iris 2, Photography
Kollective Lumen

Returning galleries

We’re also delighted that two local start-up galleries from the Discover Section 2016 will be returning as "fully fledged" exhibitors.

Sandvoort Gallery

Sanvoort Gallery exhibited for the first time in Amsterdam last year. They will be showcasing work from some the youngest and some of the best Dutch photographers.

“Art in your house needs to have the strength to surprise, over and over again - That is exactly the kind of art we want to offer.”

“We don't have a permanent venue – we use different  and alternative places to exhibit. The Amsterdam fair is exciting for us to return to because it attracks people searching for the work of emerging artists.”- Roel Sandvoort, Sandvoort Gallery

Saskia Boelsums

Saskia Boelsums, photography
Sandvoort Gallery

Gallery Untitled

Gallery Untitled is a place where different refreshing art forms come together, with music performances and spoken word and poetry.

“Our art has to trigger and be recognizable - We discovered a lot of Amsterdam fair visitors are looking for art like that.”

“New in our stand will be promising young artist Carlijn Kingma. We already presented her work at the Brussels fair this year, and had a big run on her work.”- Lisa, Gallery Untitled

Carlijn Kingma, The-Babylonian Tower of Modernity, 2017

Carlijn Kingma, The-Babylonian Tower of Modernity, 2017
Gallery Untitled

So, why do we crave discovery?

Discovery and learning are the building blocks of inspiration and creativity. This driving forces are what sharing the experience of fresh contemporary art is all about

Tapan from Yes yes, why Not? sums it sum perfectly;

“Each member of the family does something better than the other, and together we feed on each other’s talents to becoming more complete and competent.”

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