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Art advice - 22 May 2018

Dee Campling's Interiors Tips


Queen of the Instagramable interior, and home-stylist extraordinaire Dee Campling, visited our recent Hampstead fair to give her top interior design hacks and ended up coming away with not one, but two limited edition pieces for her own collection! Read on to discover which works Dee selected to sit pride of place in her home, why she never follows trends, and what inspires her covetable interiors style…

Beatriz Elorza, French Flowers, Turner Barnes Gallery.


Buy What You Love!

“I wouldn't buy anything because it's on trend or because I was advised to. I don't think about how it's going to look in a certain style, I just buy it because I love it!” - Dee Campling

When it comes to buying art, like any interiors item, Dee knows that it’s not about how much you spend, but rather what “makes your heart sing”. The piece that catches your eye, the one that resonates with you, will be the piece that you treasure forever and you have to go by your gut. We think this is invaluable advice for those looking to purchase original art, especially those looking to take the leap with their first piece. 


Be Adventurous 

Andrew Millar, Lips, Smithson Gallery.

When incorporating art into her home, Dee finds style inspiration all over, from galleries and museums to Instagram and Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest can be the perfect place to get your creative juices flowing, discover what you like and develop your own unique taste. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and buying your first piece but aren’t exactly sure what it is you’re looking for, delve into our ‘Delightfully Dark’ or ‘Bold and Bright’ boards and start figuring out which aesthetic you’re naturally drawn to.

For those of you who are already well on your way to having a collection, we’ve got tonnes of hanging and framing ideas for you to consider. Dee is all for mixing things up and trying something new, so be adventurous and have fun with how you display your pieces: “move it around a bit, try it in different rooms, try it with different looks. It’s all about trial and error really and just tuning into what you love.”

For more tips and tricks on incorporating art into your interiors, watch our interview with Dee and leading interiors blogger Lisa Dawson from the recent Hampstead fair »



Dee’s Picks

Marcelina Amelia, Detox III, Liberty Gallery.

Coming to the fair with a budget of £250, Dee took her time browsing gallery stands before choosing her first piece – a delicately detailed collage by Andrew Millar (pictured above) – which captures a haunting mix of reality and fantasy through the manual manipulation of vintage Polaroid SX-70 film. Chosen because Dee has never seen this eye-catching effect achieved with gold leaf and Polaroid before, it lifts her space with an added sense of glamour.

The second, a more contemporary, graphic piece by Marcelina Amelia (right), plays at the border between lust and innocence, dwelling on themes of self-acceptance, body positivity and representations of female sexuality. Chosen by Dee for it's simple but bold lines and enigmatic half face, her work instantly draws your gaze and will surely be a talking point for all her guests.


The Affordable Art Fair x Dee Campling Collection

Browsing thousands of original pieces on our online marketplace, Dee has hand-selected her favourite artworks to liven up your walls and revamp your interiors. From pink neon to classic oil paintings through to playful prints and striking photography, she’s made sure there’s something to suit all tastes and spaces in her edit, and we think there’s some real beauts in there! So dive into Dee's full edit to discover that perfect piece to start your collection or add to your ever-growing gallery wall.

Johnny Christmas, Where Love Lives, My Life In Art. Andrew Millar, Part of Me, Smithson Gallery.
Gustavo Ortiz, Haush, Mixed-Media On Canvas, £1,950, Olivia Connelly
Henry Walsh, Gather Ii. Acrylic On Canvas, £900, Wychwood Art

Browse the Affordable Art Fair x Dee Campling collection now »

Featured Artworks:
Beatriz Elorza, French Flowers, £690, Turner Barnes Gallery. 
Andrew Millar, Lips, Smithson Gallery. 
Marcelina Amelia, Detox III, Liberty Gallery. 
Johnny Christmas, Where Love Lives, £2,300, My Life In Art. 
Andrew Millar, Part of Me, £100, Smithson Gallery. 

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