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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 11 September 2019

5 Reasons to Bring Your Kids

Sparking curiousity at Affordable Art Fair AmsterdamAt Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (31 October – 3 November, de Kromhouthal) we’ve always welcomed budding art collectors. This year, in honour of our youngest visitors (and their parents!), we’re going one step further with our Family Preview on the Saturday morning of the fair! Join us for an hour of culture when visitors with young families can gain entry to the fair an hour before the fair opens and browse hassle-free!

Have a double buggy? Steer it with pride through the aisles as you pick out a new artwork. Want a cultural morning for your mini-Picasso? There’s so much to do! Read on for a few more reasons why Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam is perfect for kids:

5 Reasons to Bring Your Kids to Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam


1. Art fosters curiosity

"Who are these artists?" "Why did that one paint a cow blue?" Art encourages children to ask all manner of questions and engages their imagination. Ask your kids what they think and listen to their reasoning, you’re sure to see a new side to the artworks on display.


2. Art encourages self-expression

With 1000s of artworks on show at the fair there’s a huge amount to be inspired by. From paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings, the fair is a great place to fill up their creative tanks with messy-play inspiration.


Getting creative in the Kidsspace, Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam


3. Quality time together as a family

A family enjoying Affordable Art Fair AmsterdamWith our daily lives being ever more hectic, quality time together is precious. A visit to an art fair sparks conversation and will unveil the artistic tastes of each member of the family. You could be discovering that the baby of the family is transfixed by kinetic sculptures while grandma falls in love with a Japanese watercolour. There’s so much to be enjoyed by every generation of the family!


4. Art is a window into other cultures

From Japan to Canada, South Korea to Zimbabwe, we have galleries joining us from all over the world! Exhibitors will happily share entertaining stories about their artists, which makes the fair the perfect place for kids to discover more about other cultures.


5. We’ll entertain them

Balloons for the young ones, quizzes for those reading and an art filled Kidsspace to make some creations of their own. There’s plenty at the fair to keep the collectors of the future entertained while parents browse the aisles. Plus, there’s apple juice and delicious treats at the restaurant when it’s time to refuel!


Having a snack at Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam


So, have we convinced you? To join us for a culture filled weekend morning click here to snap up a Family Preview ticket. But if you can’t make it on Saturday morning you can always stop-by throughout the fair (31 October – 3 November, de Kromhouthal) with your next generation of art lovers!




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Kids having a fantastic time at Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam.


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