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Affordable Art Fair
Amsterdam - 25 September 2019

Art Fairs make a perfect date

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; falling in love with a piece of art, is exactly the same as falling in love. Your gaze meets over a crowded art fair, there’s an instant attraction and you’re compelled to find out more about the gorgeous piece in front of you. So, with this in mind, it should come as no surprise that taking your date to an art fair is another match made in heaven, being the perfect way to get to know someone new or discover hidden depths to your long-term loved one.

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2018This year at Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam we’ll be hosting our famous Friday Date Night (1 November, de Kromhouthal), where singles and couples alike can discover great art while learning a little bit more about each other. Here below are our top reasons for making your date night all about art:

Why an Art Fair makes the perfect date


1. Break away from the norm

We love a ‘dinner and a movie’ night as much as the next die-hard Leonardo DiCaprio fan, but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up and have a Friday night that not only connects you to one another, it stimulates the senses. Instead of spending hours disconnected from reality in front of a screen, far better to get to know more about what makes each other tick by chatting your way through a 1000s of stunning artworks.


2. It’s good for you!

As Picasso once said, ‘Art washes away the dust of everyday life.’ By the time Friday rolls round our souls are in need of a little nourishment. Breathing in the beauty and brilliance of art is a great way to reset and reinvigorate the mind. Plus, you can decide whether you prefer to experience it with a coffee or a something bubbly in hand!


Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2018


3. We hate to say it, but it’s practical too

‘Find an artwork for in the kitchen/bedroom/lounge’ sits on the to-do lists of couples and singletons alike, alongside ‘plan the next date night’! Feeding two birds with one scone by taking your date to Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam, allows for efficiency and entertainment in equal measure. By purchasing that perfect piece as a pair, you’ll be maximising your budget, brightening up your shared spaces, and doing something a little different with your free time.


4. It’s fun (and revealing!)

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2018Visiting an art fair is rather like a treasure hunt. You follow the map and the artwork that stops you in your tracks and gives you the feels is X marking the spot. What’s even more fun is discovering whether you and your partner share the same idea of what makes an artistic ‘treasure’. You may think that you’re more of a portrait art kind of person, whilst your date loves a still life; but perhaps you have a shared love of seascapes, or monochrome photography? A walk around one of our fairs is a great way to discover shared arty interests.


5. Make an evening of it!

During your date, why not get in the swing of it by meeting artist Joseph Klibansky in person at stand A21, or go check out the new Jad El Khoury permanent mural on the Hall. Whether you’re on a first date, having just got chatting on Lexa, or are happily settled with the long-term love of your life, there’s bound to be something new and exciting to join in with. If your feet start to tire, don’t let fair-fatigue take hold, why not have a playful debate over dinner – because, of course, when you purchase Friday Date Night ticket the price includes a delicious delicacy from the restaurant.


6. Maximise those brownie points

Finally, should you or your date fall head-over-heels whilst browsing the aisles, you can’t get more romantic (or score more brownie points) than purchasing that perfect piece for your partner. Not only is it a great chance to invest in that first piece of art together, and mark your commitment with something a little unusual, each time you look at that romantic landscape, or dreamy abstract, you’ll be transported straight back to that perfect date night. You’re welcome.


Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2018


To snap up a ticket and join us for Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam’s Friday Date Night (1 November, de Kromhouthal), simply follow this link. If you’re dateless, no problem! Our friends at Lexa will be hosting a meet-up at the fair, so check them out online if you’re looking for love. And whether you come alone or with a date, we’ll be waiting to play Cupid between you and your next artwork!




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Lovely dates taking place at Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam.


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