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Art advice - 01 November 2018

Eight tips for exploring art fairs

Art fairs can be overwhelming for any art lover. That’s why we compiled our top tips below to make your experience as fun, easy, and informative as possible.

1. Do your homework

Art fairs can be overwhelming for first timers and veterans alike. Do yourself a favour and visit the fair’s website first to check out the layout. Familiarise yourself with the galleries and map out your route to ensure you don’t miss any noteworthy galleries or artists.

People laughing and chatting at an art fair

2. Don’t be shy, ask questions!

Believe it or not, gallerists are there to talk to fair visitors! They do want to share what is on display in their booth and how awesome the artists they represent are! If you see something you like, have a question about a certain piece, or just want to chat, don’t be afraid to strike up conversation!

3. Don’t get overwhelmed – just have fun!

That’s what you did your homework for! You made the notes of what and who you want to see, so take a deep breath and follow your plan. You don’t have to see everything, just what YOU want to see! Plus, fairs happen over multiple days, you can always come back another day!

Crowd of people at an art fair event

4. Participate in Programs and Features

Most art fairs include some very interesting programs and features. Whether it’s a talk, tour, or performance piece, these added bonuses will enhance your overall fair experience. Don’t miss out.

5. Take a break

With so much to see, you could be at the art fair for a long period of time. It’s more than okay to take a step back, grab a snack, and just enjoy the flow of your surroundings.

Crowds of art enthusiasts relaxing at an art fair

6. Snap away, but don’t forget the labels!

It is encouraged to take photos of the artworks throughout the fair. These photos can help you decide on purchasing a piece. Just don’t forget to take a photo of the booth number and art’s label! There’s nothing worse than trying to navigate your way back through a busy fair when you can’t remember where your favourite piece is located.

7. Follow your heart

When you fall in love with a piece of art, you simply fall in love. If you find yourself still thinking about it as you walk through the fair, you know you’ve found your fit! Buy art that will make you happy every time you see it! There is no other reason as great to purchase a piece of work!

person photographing an artwork for social media8. Stay connected 

Art fairs are the perfect place to go crazy with social media, plus you can keep up to date with galleries and artists easily! Watch them travel the world from art fair to art fair!

And there you have it, 8 top tips to follow when visiting an Affordable Art Fair. We hope you enjoy your visit! Click here to view our global calendar and block out your diary »

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