Khalifa Gallery

Khalifa Gallery is dedicated to presenting the most current and significant tendencies in both Korean and international contemporary art. The gallery is distintiguished by significant premiere collections of Korean contemporary artists. We aim to maintain the highest level of integrity and aesthetic standards in each and every exhibition of our artists. Khalifa gallery’s mission is to bring the finest quality of art by bring in new talented artists from across the globe and promote their works both in the domestic and international art markets. Khalifa gallery as a commissioner in Asia Contemporary Art Show_Hong Kong ( and Singapore Contemporary Art Show_Singapore will strive to globalize the Korean art market by showing a wide spectrum of works worldwide. While maintaining our partnership with overseas galleries and museums, we continue to discover new artists with capability and novelty. Khalifa gallery will keep trying to play its important role in developing the domestic and foreign art market promoting Korean contemporary art as well as raising audiences’ awareness of the international art world.

Exhibiting at

Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

May 16 - 19
Stand No: G06