Gallery Seek

Gallery Seek was established in 2009 as a primary division of a gallery and has since crossed over into participation in art fairs and events, something the gallery had never attempted before, and has presented artists from multiple perspectives. In 2011, the gallery exhibited for the first time at the Kobe Art Marche art fair in Japan, and in 2015, it exhibited for the first time at the young art taipei art fair overseas, and has also exhibited at art fairs in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asian countries. The gallery space was moved to Kyobashi in 2012, to Ginza 6-chome in 2018, and to Ginza 2-chome in 2021, and is now a small space of about 15 square meters, where the artists’ themes and concepts are more extractable. In 2020, Hideki Shiono, representative of Gallery Seek, launched ART KNOT, Inc. with a wish to connect art from multiple angles, and at the same time, the space was reshaped to be operated by the company. Immediately, ARTIST NEW GATE, a competition for a new era, was launched with the joint project by Shiono and Kenta Nakajima, a painter of the same generation, and with the cooperation of avex and many other companies. In 2021, a new store will open near the Towada Museum of Contemporary Art in order to increase opportunities for art to be transmitted from Tohoku. There is an English proverb that says ”Seek a knot in a bulrush”, which means to look for a problem that does not exist, but we ” Seek a knot with art” with the hope of connecting things that can be solved or improved through art.

Exhibiting at

Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

May 16 - 19
Stand No: A03