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Features and programming at the Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2018

Affordable Art Fair Brussels, What's On



Taai, ConvergenceThomas Nam Hao Thai blends spatial and audio-visual worlds. As the visual artist 'Taai', he creates aesthetically simple installations that play with minimalist shapes and textures.

Living out the principles of his graphic design background (Royal Academy in Antwerp), he always works to make the perfect composition – combining physical structures of wood and steel with creative lighting and video techniques.

The installation ‘Convergence' is a physical manifestation of light. It is a composition of several light sources that are each other’s reflections and projections. The rays are translated by thin reflective strings that compliment LED fixtures. The name 'Convergence' comes from the optical illusion of light beams seeming to meet each other at one point.



LOUVESLOUVES, the new feminine creative collective, presents “Utopies”; a giant interactive fresque that transports you from the artistic realm back to reality with a collection 2D and 3D elements.

The installation captures LOUVES' predilection for graphic prints in black in white, repeating themselves to create wallpapers – universes that combine illustration and graphism. They will amaze you throughout your visit with a dreamlike and visionary universe, coupled with a vital and organic 3D reality.

Join LOUVES by the exit of the fair and take part of the artistic installation! The collective defends “Girl Power”, so they invite you to join in, taking on the role of “Fauves” and contributing to this verdant and 100% feminine installation!


Oli BOli B is painter, illustrator and street artist. His work mixes different media and techniques. Visual fluidity, soft curves, organic shapes and bright colors give balance to a composition flirting with the free representation of movement.

In partnership with Macadam Gallery (stand C11), Oli B will paint a monumental fresque for the fair – An explosion of colors and joy which gradually invades our cities, our interiors and our hearts.   



DEN DRAADCathy Bertel started crocheting 5 years ago. She began by sharing her passion by teaching courses, but her creativity grew quickly and she developed the project Den Draad – building a universe filled with strong and enormous structures.

All of her structures are hand-crocheted, without a pre-designed pattern. The work takes shape gradually, organically taking on its final appearance. Cathy uses inflatable balloons to add stability and volume, giving the installations a playful shape.

Children, as well as adults, can climb, jump and bounce on her artistic creations!




Join screen printer and graphic designer Obed Vleugels and to create your own personal collage from screenprints!

Everyone can cut and paste, and everyone can print (you’ll see!), but screenprinting… here things can sometimes go wrong. For this workshop Obed has collected misprints, test prints and old works gone wrong. These are the materials and together with the artist, you’ll play with shape and colour to create small and beautiful abstract collages to take home and share.
Obed Vleugels workshop
Layering up elements from different sources, one over the other, adding a little layer of fresh screenprint ink – you’ll be surprised by the results of the seemingly random process!

Workshop times:
Thursday 15 March – 3pm, 5pm
Friday 16 March – 3pm, 5pm, 7pm
Saturday 17 March – 1pm, 3pm, 5pm
Sunday 18 March – 1pm, 3pm, 5pm


Learn engraving techniques from the specialists at Centre de la Gravure and create your own artwork!

Whether this is your first encounter with engraving, or another episode in an already long love affair, there is so much for kids and adults to discover at this workshop.

Get carried away on a wave of your own imagination, but don’t forget to pack your finished work to take away with you!

Workshop times:
Thursday 15 March – 5pm, 8pm
Friday 16 March – 4pm, 6.30pm, 8pm
Saturday 17 March – 11am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm
Sunday 18 March – 11am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm


Customise and create the skateboard of your dreams, with help and advice from the Chalkers! Join a colourful collective of custom skateboard designers and add your own creative touch.

At the Chalk Workshop, you’ll find conceptual custom board art exhibition and live painting sessions.

Chalk Custom Board Project gathers skateboard artists from all over the world to set up one-of-a-kind exhibitions at galleries, skate parks, art fairs & extreme sport events.

Born in 2015, the project is an open collective of graphic designers, painters, street artists, engravers, wood shapers, screenprinters and tattooers (among others!). The collective is shaped and built by artists with a simple spirit. Whatever technique is used, the whole process is original and handmade.

Workshop times:
Thursday 15 March – 3pm, 6.30pm
Friday 16 March – 1pm, 4pm, 7pm
Saturday 17 March – 12pm, 3pm
Sunday 18 March – 12pm, 3pm

Chalk Custom Board Project




Think-Pink and Affordable Art Fair present the “Victorieuses” – women using art therapy to fight against breast cancer.

Three groups of Victorieuses are bringing  artworks to be exhibited and sold at the fair for the benefit of Think-Pink’s SMART fund. This fund supports scientific research into developing methods of breast cancer testing, treatment and rehabilitation in Belgium. 

Think-Pink and Affordable Art Fair are grateful for support from Le Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image Imprimée, the artistic collective LOUVES and Obed Vleugels in realising this project.

Push back against breast cancer by acquiring an artwork produced by the Victorieuses!


CURATED BY LA PEAU DE L'OURSYoung Talent 2018 - Alfred Janssens

Explore this exhibition space dedicated to promoting emerging talent from the contemporary art scene.

La peau de L’ours have curated an excellent selection of emerging artistic talent, based on months of reflection, study and meetings with the artists. The multi-disciplinary selection promotes young artists who pose coherent questions with their work and produce consistently high quality pieces. 

The works will be positioned to bring them into a dialogue – a delicate balance that fluctuates between reflection and emotion.

Read more about the Young Talents 2018 exhibition here »


TO BE Antwerp

For the second year in a row, Affordable Art Fair Brussels collaborates with To Be Antwerp; an experimental and eclectic annual event where graduates fresh from Antwerp's prestigious art schools exhibit their works in cultural and artistic spots around the city.

Four artists have been chosen by Affordable Art Fair Brussels to exhibit at the fair: We welcome Claudia de Waard, Christos Papasotiriou, Anna Chen and Mauritz Verlinden!



SKODA Kids Space

Your little ones will have the opportunity to express their creativity thanks to ŠKODA! The Kid’s Space is an empty white artistic canvas, just waiting to be taken over and covered by thousands of colorful stickers. Have a blast covering the ground, walls and espacially the new ŠKODA KAROQ.

Opening times:
Saturday 17 March – 11am – 7pm
Sunday 18 March – 11am – 7pm



Discover the latest trends and deepen your contemporary art knowledge with a guided tour! Tour groups gather several times a day, meeting at the entrance of the fair.

Thursday 15 March – 3pm, 6.30pm, 8pm
Friday 16 March – 3pm, 6.30pm, 8pm
Saturday 17 March – 11.30am, 3pm, 5pm
Sunday 18 March – 11.30am, 3pm, 5pm



There is a free wrapping and packing service available for any artworks purchased at the fair. Our partner EMBELCO can also suggest delivery options at competitive prices! Find them at the wrapping stand in the middle of the fair.


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