Online seller dashboard


New online gallery checklist.

To make sure your newly created online profile is set up and ready to sell, take a look at our checklist below to make sure all steps below are completed. Not completing one of these steps, albeit not fatal, can have repercussions on the amount of money you receive for shipping and your ability to spark the online audience's interest.

1. I have submitted all of the artists I wish to sell online for approval before uploading their artwork by emailing [email protected].

2. I have checked the default shipping rates and changed them if I wanted different rates. You can find out in our manual what these default rates are and how to change them.

3. I have made sure that my business is compliant with local laws and taxes. Please refer to our article on taxes for further information.

4. I have signed up to Stripe and made sure I have access to my Stripe account via

5. I have added a bio and images for my gallery profile.

6. I have uploaded a significant enough amount of artworks to sell online.



For full details on how to process online sales, please head to our manual.

1. I have changed the status of the order to “Artwork available” in my Seller Dashboard.

2. I have changed the status of the order to “Shipped” and included a tracking number in my Seller Dashboard.

3. If I am unable to ship the artwork out within a couple of working days of the order being placed I have got in touch with the customer or the Affordable Art fair team to make sure they are aware of the delay.