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How do I view my orders?

You can view your orders by clicking the ‘Manage my orders’ tab in your seller dashboard.

The top section allows you to filter your orders by various crtieria, the most useful probably being ‘Shipping status’. This will allow you to view only outstanding orders, making efficient processing easier.

You can also filter by ‘Delivery method’ if you happen to have more than one option. I.e. you might want to show orders that have paid for an express shipping service first, so that you can process them before moving on to slower services.

Your filtered (or unfiltered) list of orders is in the lower section on this page. You can view the order detail by clicking on the plus sign on the left-hand side.

If you have any tracking information for the customer, you can add it in here, and you can also change the status of each order. You can do this either by using the ‘Bulk actions’ field, or one by one.

What does each order status mean?

Pending – this is an order that has been placed by a customer, and not yet processed. At this point, the customer’s card has only been pre-authorised and not yet debited. If you do not deal with this order within 7 days of being placed, the pre-authorisation will expire and the funds will be released back into the customer’s account.

Ready to ship – this is the status you need to use when you have checked the artwork is definitely available. This will trigger the payment capture, meaning the customer’s card will be debited. Applying this status will also trigger an email to the customer, letting them know you will be sending the artwork to them and that they have now been charged.

Shipped – this is the status you need to use when you have shipped the item to the customer. This status will trigger a further email to the customer letting them know they will soon be receiving their order. Any tracking information you are able to add will be included in this email for the customer’s information.

Cancelled – this is the status you will need to use if you find out that a customer would no longer like to continue with their order. If you have already changed the status to ‘shipped’ and debited the customer, you will also need to process a refund from within your Stripe dashboard.

Returned – this is the status you will need to apply for your records if an order has been sent back to you and refunded. Presently the refund process happens separately in Stripe, so to ensure your dashboard is organised it is useful to update any returned orders with this status.

How do I upload my artworks?

You can do this in the ‘Manage my products’ tab. Towards the bottom you will see a button that says ‘Add new product’. Please follow these steps:

1. Select ‘ARTWORK’ in the ‘Product type’ dropdown menu.

2. Select ‘Default’ in the next dropdown menu that appears (this is just a term for the standard group of artwork attributes that you will be adding next).

3. Click ‘Add new product’.

4. A new form will load. Please go through each field and populate accordingly. Those with an asterix* next to them are required fields.

5. Please upload an image of your artwork in the ‘IMAGES’ section at the bottom. This looks a little strange, so please read the following steps carefully:

a. Click ‘Browse Files’

b. Select your image (ideally your image should be around 1MB in order for the customer to get the best experience). Insert/open your chosen image.

c. Next, select ‘Upload Files’.

d. Once your file has uploaded, you will see something like this:

Screenshot of vendor dashboard image upload

e. To ensure your image displays correctly, you must select the three image options against your artwork. You should end up with something like this:

Screenshot of vendor dashboard image upload

f. If you have more than one image, simply choose one of them to act as your main image, and ensure the three image options are against the correct one, like this:

Screenshot of vendor dashboard image upload

NB: You can ignore the ‘Label’ field. If you want to delete an image, click in the ‘Remove’ box and save the product. This will successfully delete the image you don’t want. If you want to keep the image stored against the product but you don’t want it to show on the website right now, do the same but using the ‘Exclude’ tickbox.

6. Once you have completed all of the fields in the form and uploaded your images, click ‘Save’ (which will bring you back out of this form) or ‘Save and continue edit’ which will save your product, but allow you to stay in the form if you so wish.

That’s it – you’ve uploaded a product!

When will my artwork show up on the website?

You will notice that when you upload artwork, it will sit in your account with a status of ‘Under Review’. This is because we review each item before publishing it on the website, just to make sure we maintain the quality we know you’ve come to expect from us.

We will review each artwork upload every few days. Whether we approve or (for some reason) we reject your product, you will be notified by email. If we do reject your artworks for any reason, we will also get in touch to let you know why. Typically, this may be because the images are not high-resolution enough or the item does not meet our criteria for some reason. In any case, we won’t leave you hanging without letting you know what’s going on.

How do I view the artworks I have uploaded?

You can do this in the ‘My stock’ section. Simply search for any item using the fields provided. This is a useful way of reviewing what you have online without having to use the website for reference.

How do I update my profile?

You have the option to update us with information about your gallery in the ‘My profile’ section of your account. It’s fairly self-explanatory, although we know some elements are counter-intuitive and we are working on them. If you are unsure of anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

T: +44 (0) 20 3805 3224

E: [email protected]

Where do I update my settings?

We have a section called ‘My settings’. Here you can change things like your addresses and your shipping rates.

How do I input my shipping rates?

In your dashboard there’s a section called ‘My settings’. If you scroll down, you will find a sub-section called ‘SHIPPING RATES’. Here you will be able to upload a csv file containing all your information on shipping. If you have not had one of these templates from us to fill in, please contact us directly and we will support you.

T: +44 (0) 20 3805 3224

E: [email protected]

I’ve forgotten my Stripe ID, where do I find it?

In your dashboard there’s a section called ‘My settings’. If you scroll down, you will find a sub-section called ‘My Stripe account’. Here you will find your Stripe ID should you need it.

How do I close my account with you?

In the sad event that you no longer wish to sell artwork on, please write to us at [email protected]. We’re happy to take a call too, on +44 (0) 20 3805 3224, however we will need written notice from you as per our T&Cs for further info.

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