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Please find here an overview of our commission and fees policy – this policy applies to our online shop only and not our events. If you have any further questions, please just get in touch with us at [email protected].


We will charge a monthly subscription fee of £50 (plus VAT), to be paid monthly in advance, for the use of our e-commerce services and for the promotion of your gallery across our digital platforms.


We will take a 15% commission (plus VAT) on the Retail Price (as set by you, the seller) for all Artworks sold through the online platform. Our commission will only be applied to the price of the Artworks sold (inclusive of framing costs), not to your shipping rates.


We do ask all our sellers to cover transaction processing fees of 1.8% (plus VAT). This will be applied to the price of the artwork only, thereby excluding shipping.


We are required to charge 20% VAT on our 15% commission which will lead to an effective 3% extra deduction from the revenue you receive from your artwork. If, however, you are VAT registered, you will be able to reclaim this charge.

VAT will be charged by Affordable Art Fair in the following circumstances:

1. You are a UK registered business
2. You are a EC (not UK) registered business and not VAT registered

VAT will not be charged by Affordable Art Fair in the following circumstances:

1. You are resident in the EC (not UK) and VAT registered and have provided us with a valid VAT (or equivalent) registration number, together with sufficient other evidence that is acceptable to HM Revenue & Customs and as required under EC law and regulation
2. You are resident outside the UK and the EC.


You will be required to sign up to an account with our payment gateway (Stripe), which is integrated with our system (or if you already have one, simply allow it connect to our platform). You will be able to see all of you incoming and outgoing costs, in real-time, from within your Stripe account and funds will be available on a 7-day rolling basis.


In the case that we offer a site-wide discount to our customers, Affordable Art Fair will absorb, in full, the discount portion.


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