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Mat Kemp
Mat Kemp
Mirror Mirror
H 34 cm x W 85 cm x D 2 cm, 5Kg
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United Kingdom
Original, Framed
The inspiration
Mixed Media Sculpture

The artist

Mat Kemp

Mat Kemp's work is predominately sculptural, free standing or wall reliefs, combining traditional materials: plaster, wood, metal with a collection of donated and salvaged objects; ranging from ancient tools to most recent plastic cartoon merchandise. Influenced from Assyrian friezes at the British Museum to erotic Etruscan tomb frescos hidden in the Tuscan Hills. Mat attempted to reinterpret familiar subjects of materials, challenging the viewer to examine the visual symbols and incidental forms in every day life. The unifying bond for most of the pieces is a sense of humour and playfulness. It keeps the pieces fresh without detracting from their existence as a work of art.

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