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Kittiwakes (Staithes Harbour 1)
H 39 cm x W 39 cm x D 5 cm, 2Kg
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United Kingdom
Original, Framed
The inspiration
Kittiwakes (Staithes Harbour 1), 2016, Oil on board, in tray frame, 39 x 39 cm. Sara has recently undertaken two research trips to Yorkshire and Northumberland to gather information and inspiration for a new body of works. Both trips have provided excellent opportunities to observe, analyse and interpret the fascinating interactions and relationships between the sea birds and their environment. Visits to RSPB Bempton Cliffs and the Farne Islands provided exceptional opportunities to observe seabird colonies’ movements and behaviours. Sara paints with very gestural mark making, the sense of flocks of birds in the landscape, both in flight and on the ground. This unique painting is on stretched canvas and mounted in a white-washed wood tray frame.

The artist

Sara Dudman RWA

Contemporary painterly qualities and drawn marks are essential components in Dudman's work, conveying an intuitive understanding of her subject, capturing, analysing and representing their movements or properties. Fragility and transience are expressed through unpainted or sparsely formed negative spaces. Through the process of drawing and painting she progressively locates and extracts order from apparent chaos, drawing out patterns of movement and behaviour. Small-scale and intimate, or large and expressive, these gestural paintings are created in layers, alternately recording and expressing the essence of the subject and its environment or context, exploring the relationship between the t ...

Works by Sara Dudman RWA

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