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Affordable Art Fair
Art advice - 29 January 2018

Why you should invest in art

When making changes to your home, it might seem more sensible to invest in something that has a more functional impact; a shiny television, a comfortable sofa or perhaps some new double glazing… But here at the Affordable Art Fair, Lee Herring 'Orange Summer'we're strong supporters of the importance and impact that a few well-placed pieces of art can have on your day-to-day life and the wider world. And we're not the only ones. The Arts Council website defines the value of art and culture in simple, straightforward terms: 'Art and culture give us joy, make us healthier, let us reflect and help us empathise'. With that in mind, we pulled together some of the reasons why, quite simply, we think art is important.

Your artwork can impact your mood, it has the potential to grow as an investment, and furthermore, we're firm believers of the role that our fair plays in supporting emerging and established talent: and by becoming a collector, you can directly impact the lives of artists working and practicing around the world. Read on for our thoughts on why investing in original artworks is worth the effort.

Nurture established artists and emerging talent

Michael Alford's 'Art Appreciation Baroque'One of the best things about the Affordable Art Fair is your chance to meet the artist's behind the work; whether that's on the stand, in one of our talks, at a private view or as part of a guided tour. Knowing your hard-earned cash is supporting an artist's career is a huge incentive to purchase original art. So whether it's an established painter, or a budding print-maker, when buying a piece of art at one of our fair's or through our online shop you can be secure in the knowledge that your money is supporting the latest generation of creative talent. There's nothing more exciting than seeing an artist that you fell in love with years ago, gracing the pages of a newspaper…

A good investment

Jemma Tastard 'Black Mountain'

…Which leads us onto our next point: investing in original art. Buying art can be a great investment for the entrepreneurial collectors out there, who get a thrill from finding up-and-coming artists, perhaps in one of our Recent Graduate shows, and just having a hunch that they're going to make it big. Or, you may be keen to invest in an artist who is already established: many Affordable Art Fair artists are now household names, so picking up a sought-after Mark Quinn or Damien Hirst print is a great way to invest in a well-known artist, whilst still being on a budget.

The value of cultural experiences

A research study from the Arts Council, by economists Daniel Fujiwara and George MacKerron, revealed that arts and culture activities 'score very highly in terms of both positive effects on happiness and relaxation, above leisure activities like watching TV or drinking alcohol.' With this in mind, it's seems clear that it isn't just about having original work in your home; but also the experience of buying artworks that can be good for your health!

To be sure, getting out and about, seeing some art and getting involved in a workshop or arty activity is surely a better way to spend an afternoon than sitting on the sofa; and if you buy some art along the way, the happy memories from that day will no doubt boost your mood.

Mood Boosting Capacities

Maggie Laporte-Banks 'Tregenna Shadows'

Never underestimate the power of art to change your mood. An inspiring, hopeful, unusual or lighthearted piece - such as Lee Herring's 'Orange Summer' or Michael Alford's 'Art Appreciation Baroque' - are great mood-lifters, sources of encouragement or pieces to make you smile when the pressure is mounting. Similarly, soothing or powerful pieces, from Jemma Tastard's multilayered 'Black Mountain' or Maggie Laporte-Banks' 'Tregenna Shadows', can be real sources of calm or energy. Everyone will have different tones, textures, sizes or techniques that appeal to their aesthetic and senses and will complement their interiors; once you've discovered a style or medium that lifts you up or calms you down, you'll understand how hanging selected pieces in your home can truly impact your daily mood.


And there you have it! Just a few of the many ways that having art at home can inspire greater happiness, cheerful memories, have a wider impact elsewhere… and even improve your health!

The good news is you can absorb the mood enhancing benefits of art by both browsing and buying at one of our fairs, follow the link below for dates and locations. Or if you are feeling impatient, click here to browse 1000s of artworks on our online marketplace.




Main Image:
Affordable Art Fair New York private view, Autumn 2017. Check upcoming fairs here.

Artworks from first to last:
Lee Herring, Orange Summer, Mixed media on wood, £400, DEGREE ART.
Michael Alford, Art Appreciation Baroque, Oil on board, £2,250, SIGNET CONTEMPORARY ART.
Jemma Tastard, Black Mountain, Paper on paper, £245, BROTHART.
Maggie Laporte-Banks, Tregenna Shadows, Mixed-media on board, £650, WYCHWOOD ART.


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