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Affordable Art Fair
Interviews - 25 February 2016

Luci Noel: what’s on my walls?

Photo of Fair Director Luci Noel

At the Affordable Art Fair we’re firm believers that living with art not only enriches your home, but your day-to-day life, too. And, as an office full of art lovers, we’re all practicing what we preach.

Our ‘What’s on my walls?’ series gives you a sneak peek at the collections of the Affordable Art Fair team, and the stories behind the artworks we have in our homes. Next up is Fair Director, Luci Noel, who uses her collection to personalise her space.

Luci Noel art collection. Ramona Czygan, Martin Grover and Lucinda Metcalfe.Ramona Czygan, Martin Grover and Lucinda Metcalfe

“I’m a real stickler for rearranging my very small flat and also have very few walls to work with! Using shelves and layering artworks enables me to be quite playful with my collection and also change it up whenever I get the urge. I bought three of these pieces at Affordable Art Fairs – the beautiful cyanotype print on the left, by Ramona Czygan, is called ‘Pieces of Nowhere – Cloud’; I think the monotone colour works beautifully when placed next to the acidic hues in Lucinda Metcalfe’s painting on the right, ‘Life Changing’. Tucked away at the back there is Martin Grover’s ‘North London Procrastination Club’ print – I’m a north Londoner born and bred, and this was a gift for my boyfriend when he finally moved to the city.”

Luci Noel art collection. ‘CRANE 30′ by Andrew Lansley.

‘Crane 30′ by Andrew Lansley

“This one is a relatively new addition to my collection. We are big crane fans and seem to have amassed quite a collection of related imagery! I love the way they very elegantly interject into the skyline; the sense of excitement for an ever moving city. In this painting I love the flattened perspective of the crane itself, and the simplified geometry of the cabin as a focus not the spindly elegance of the whole machine. The piece is painted in the traditional medium of egg tempera, which gives it a really delicate matte surface, too.”

Luci Noel art collection. Barry Cawston, Charles Emerson and Susan Laughton.

Barry Cawston, Charles Emerson and Susan Laughton

“I’m a big fan of a cloudscape; I’ve collected quite a few from fairs over the years. Our tiny north facing bedroom window doesn’t have the most exciting of views – these are my morning skies to get lost in. The two framed pieces are photographs – I like the bold thunderous forms of Barry Cawston’s ‘Monday Dream of Sunday’ next to Charles Emerson’s far more delicately coloured piece from his ‘Sky Studies’ series. Below is Susan Laughton’s ‘Dividing Land I’ – this is painted in acrylic on plaster board, and is made up of really subtle fine marks, giving just a hint of a landscape. I love it.”

Luci Noel art collection. ‘A Study’ by Gavan McCullough.

‘A Study’ by Gavan McCullough

“I love the way Gavan builds up his landscapes in coloured strata to create these really structured but beautiful images. I’ve displayed this piece below my framed vintage maps; I think they really bring out the ambiguity of the place, which although semi-abstracted still has a sense of specificity and familiarity.”

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