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Meet artist Marcelina Amelia

Visit Affordable Art Fair Stockholm to see Marcelina Amelia painting and creating live! Marcelina told us all about her practice in our latest interview.

Inspire me - 11 September 2019

5 Reasons to Bring Your Kids

Join our Family Preview on the Saturday morning of the Amsterdam fair, when families can visit the fair an hour before opening and browse hassle-free!
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Inspire me - 05 September 2019

NYC Young Talent Exhibition

New York fall edition's ever-popular Young Talent Exhibition returns, this year presented by Teachers College, Columbia University ceramics program.
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Art advice - 29 July 2019

Discover the joy of collecting...

In our latest campaign, we were invited into the homes of four art-buying customers to find out just why they love to surround themselves with contemporary art.
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Art advice - 11 July 2019

Meet collector Phoebe Ng

We chatted with first time art buyer, Phoebe Ng to find out how she made that all-important first art-collecting purchase at the Hong Kong fair.
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Art advice - 08 July 2019

Collect art like an expert

For first time buyers, dipping your toe into the art market can feel like a daunting experience. Our gallerists explain how to banish those worries and collect art like an expert.
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Art advice - 01 July 2019

Meet collector Hugo Burge

Hugo Burge talks us through his first forays in collecting sculpture and the professional collection at the stunning Marchmont House.
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Art advice - 21 June 2019

What does affordable art mean?

With a name like the Affordable Art Fair, we’re no stranger to questions about the pricing of artwork. So here are some of our thoughts about what affordability really means.
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Art advice - 03 June 2019

Art for: the living room

Living rooms tend to be multi-functional spaces where we both, entertain, socialise and unwind - making it extra important to link your artwork to your personality.
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Interviews - 24 May 2019

Meet painter Tim Fowler

Painter and father Tim Fowler tells us all about his vibrant, pop, abstract paintings, and why it's important to surround his twin daughters with creativity.
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Interviews - 09 May 2019

Inspired by Mum

Whether inspired by the nostalgic memories, or from the devoted perspective of a parent, our fabulous artists have created some stunning works inspired by maternal relationships.
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Art advice - 25 April 2019

My Affordable Art VII

Our latest #MyAffordableArt blog looks at art-adorned walls from New York to Australia, and inspirations from the great outdoors to nautical-themed dreaminess.
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Art advice - 18 April 2019

My Affordable Art VI

In this week’s #MyAffordableArt blog, our arty experts talk about mesmerising colours, family connections, and the ability of a piece of art to change in meaning over time.
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Art advice - 12 April 2019

My Affordable Art V

We’ve been asking the many art collectors within the Affordable Art Fair team to explain what has inspired their #myaffordableart purchases.
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