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Art VS Fashion

Who would win in a fight between art and fashion? Could fashion’s populist power knock out art? Or could art deliver a highbrow blow?

Fairs - 29 January 2020

Meet the artist: Laura Dargan

Selected to feature in the latest Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring campaign, artist Laura Dargan told us all about her practice in our latest interview.
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Advert - 10 January 2020

The Will Ramsay Podcast

Our Founder, Will Ramsay, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Holly Tucker MBE on the Conversations of Inspiration podcast, revealing how the Affordable Art Fair was founded.
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Trends - 26 November 2019

Inspired by the taste-makers

This Christmas, take inspiration from the taste-makers of Instagram who are proving that you CAN buy beautiful, quality, affordable artworks on our online marketplace.
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Fairs - 20 November 2019

Meet the Brussels team

Geraldine Hubot and Louise Malfait, the team behind Affordable Art Fair Brussels, tell us all about their passion for creating the fair which attracts 17,000 visitors each year.
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Art advice - 06 November 2019

Christmas Gift Guide

This Christmas, rather than plumping for a tired gift set or pair of novelty socks, look no further than the Affordable Art Fair’s online Christmas Gift Guide.
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Art advice - 29 July 2019

Discover the joy of collecting...

In our latest campaign, we were invited into the homes of four art-buying customers to find out just why they love to surround themselves with contemporary art.
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Art advice - 11 July 2019

Meet collector Phoebe Ng

We chatted with first time art buyer, Phoebe Ng to find out how she made that all-important first art-collecting purchase at the Hong Kong fair.
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Art advice - 08 July 2019

Collect art like an expert

For first time buyers, dipping your toe into the art market can feel like a daunting experience. Our gallerists explain how to banish those worries and collect art like an expert.
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Art advice - 01 July 2019

Meet collector Hugo Burge

Hugo Burge talks us through his first forays in collecting sculpture and the professional collection at the stunning Marchmont House.
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Art advice - 21 June 2019

What does affordable art mean?

With a name like the Affordable Art Fair, we’re no stranger to questions about the pricing of artwork. So here are some of our thoughts about what affordability really means.
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Art advice - 03 June 2019

Art for: the living room

Living rooms tend to be multi-functional spaces where we both, entertain, socialise and unwind - making it extra important to link your artwork to your personality.
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