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Meet Artist Mónica Hernández

Named as one of the “30 Under 35 2019" to watch by Cultured magazine and New York spring Young Talent Exhibition artist, get to know Mónica Hernández.

Inspire me - 18 March 2019

Focus on Abstract

What may well be the most dominant movement of the 20th and now 21st century art, we LOVE abstraction in all its glorious forms.

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Inspire me - 12 March 2019

Inspired by Mexico

Feed your appetite for the colors, culture and history of Mexican art, with this curated art preview from the New York spring fair.
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Interviews - 19 March 2019

Inspired by Mum

Whether inspired by the nostalgic memories, or from the devoted perspective of a parent, our fabulous artists have created some stunning works inspired by maternal relationships.
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Interviews - 05 March 2019

Meet Carolien Sikkenk

Meet Carolien Sikkenk, a Dutch photographer with a passion for portraits. Her exhibition, BOLD, featuring strong and audacious women, will be displayed at the Brussels fair.
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Art advice - 04 March 2019

Making the most of the fair

If you've never been to an art fair before, no worries! We’ve got it covered. Here’s our all-you-need-to-know guide to exploring an Affordable Art Fair.
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Interviews - 19 October 2018

Hamburg's Emerging Artists cur...

Isabel Deimel, curator of the Emerging Artist exhibition, tells us all about her role, working with artists and the upcoming exhibition entitled Zeichensysteme / System of signs.
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Art advice - 03 September 2018

An introduction to printmaking

In this blog, we'll first consider what printmaking is, and then look at some of the key terms and phrases associated with this beautiful creative process.
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Art advice - 08 August 2018

An introduction to photography

The perfect meeting of art and science; read on for our introduction to this popular practice, plus an explanation of some of the key terms and phrases.
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About art - 01 August 2018

An introduction to painting

Do you want to know your acrylic from your gouache? Read all about the medium of painting in this quick and easy summary.
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Interviews - 23 July 2018

Meet Will Ramsay

We interviewed Will Ramsay, art collector and the entrepreneurial Head Honcho of the Affordable Art Fair, about his passion for art and his journey as a collector.
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Art advice - 20 March 2018

Collect art like an expert

For first time buyers, dipping your toe into the art market can feel like a daunting experience. Our gallerists explain how to banish those worries and collect art like an expert.
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Art advice - 19 January 2018

Tips for first time art buyers

Want to buy your first piece of art? These are the blogs you don't want to miss!
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Inspire me - 10 January 2018

New Year, new art trends!

Swot up on the hottest art-trend-tips for 2018 from 6 of our Fair Directors and Managers around the world.
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Fairs - 25 October 2017


There is definitely no such thing as ‘too young to enjoy art’ in our book, just take Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam’s Kids Curated tour as an example.
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