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Discover the next big thing with the help of our Recent Graduates' curator Cassie Beadle.

Interviews - 08 October 2018

Meet Galerie Holthoff-Mokross

With the seventh edition of Affordable Art Fair Hamburg taking place shortly, we met with Thomas Holthoff of Galerie Holthoff-Mokross to learn more about his business.
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Inspire me - 12 October 2018

Singapore's Young Talent Final...

Affordable Art Fair Singapore nurtures the next generation of creative talent through their Young Talent Programme - meet this years finalists!
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Art advice - 10 October 2018

Why should you buy art online?

Find out how our online marketplace delivers the range, expertise, information and customer service needed, to fall in love with art online!
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Art advice - 27 September 2018

An introduction to drawing

To artists, drawing often mean the initial step within a wider artistic process, with its innate simplicity meaning that at times, its value can be overlooked.
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Art advice - 10 September 2018

In galleries we trust

As an international gallery-led fair, we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about why we absolutely love, and choose to work, with galleries.
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Art advice - 17 August 2018

Art for the bedroom

Read up on how to use artistic styles to create the perfect bedroom interior, whether you want a blissful minimalist suite, popping Pop Art paradise or nature inspired haven.
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About art - 03 August 2018

Thinking about Art Therapy

These days, we hear the term ‘art therapy’ on a regular basis, but what is it? And why is it important to us at the Affordable Art Fair? Read on to learn more.
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Art advice - 05 July 2018

How to: Purchase art as a pair

Let’s be honest, choosing anything en masse can be tricky, but with our top tips you'll be buying art as a pair on the double.
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Art advice - 18 June 2018

Art for: the kitchen

We’ve compiled some failsafe tips to ensure your kitchen is a creative culinary haven, rather than a kitchen nightmare.

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Art advice - 08 June 2018

Top tips for buying art online

When it comes to buying art online, it can pay to spend a little extra time considering your space, the artist, and your own personal style.

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Inspire me - 01 June 2018

How To: Create A Gallery Wall

Looking for an impactful way to display your artwork? An eclectic Gallery Wall might just be the interior design solution you need.

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Art advice - 30 May 2018

All Things Bright And Beautifu...

With Colour Blocking turning into one of 2018’s hottest interiors trends, energise your space with bold and vivid artworks.

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Art advice - 18 May 2018

Art for Newlyweds

Wedding season is upon us, so we’ve pulled together some perfect gift ideas from our online shop for your soon-to-be-wed pals.

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Art advice - 05 April 2018

Art for the New Home

What better way to lift the mood, de-stress and cheer up any stressed home-movers in your life, than giving the gift of art!
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