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Inspire me - 25 August 2017

Discover Emerging Talent At the Bristol Fair

We couldn’t be more excited to be teaming up with the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) to bring you the works of these six handpicked emerging artists from the 2017 graduating class. The chosen artists have been selected for their engaging, original and inspiring work, and you never know, they could go on to be the next big thing!


Josephine AtkinsonJosephine Atkinson

Feast your eyes on Josephine’s highly stylised ‘food portraits’ which explore our relationship with food from a psychological and sociological perspective. By transforming specific memories around food into dream-like still lives, she hopes they’ll become representative of a more universal experience.     

Alice VaughanAlice Vaughan, Persona

Alice’s striking large-scale human figures are sure to stop you in your tracks. Her work ‘Persona’ aims to push limitations of scale and challenge our perception of everyday objects, transcending archetypal expectations.

Natalie SavageNatalie Savage

Focusing on the domestic space and the things we choose to surround ourselves with, Natalie takes menial everyday objects and transforms them using the rich, vivid colours she grew up with in Barcelona and the Costa Brava. David Hockney noticeably influences her work in her use of excessive colour and intentional unregimented style. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to your home!

Connor LoweConnor

Connor’s work explores elements of anxiety and uncertainty. His sculpture, ‘Compression’, forces durable industrial materials such as steel and concrete to behave unpredictably, which he hopes visualises the frustrations we feel over the un-controllable aspects of life.

Stuart CranfieldStuart Cranfield

Stuart’s work represents a year of experimentation, study and revelation, during which he explored themes of altered states of perception and psychedelic experience. In his work, Stuart focuses more on the subject’s gesture and the pattern of forms, rather than being tied to a precise representation of the figure in a concrete space.

Laura Collins

Laura’s textiles, which have been described as ‘humorous’ and ‘fascinatingly dark’,look at the coping strategies that people adopt to help manage mental health issues. Her latest pieces highlight and reveal some of the vices we rely on to get through tough times. By taking these inanimate, lifeless and unimportant objects and making them big, bold and obvious, she artfully expresses the significance these objects have to people’s lives.

Laura Collins 

Be sure to join us at the Bristol 2017 fair to get your hands on these pieces and more, book your tickets now »

Header image: Laura Collins. Coping Series. Polyester stuffing material. 

Images from top to bottom: Josephine Atkinson. Marmalade on Rich Tea Biscuits. Inkjet print on archival gloss. 84 x 119cm. £800.
Alice Vaughan. Persona. Calico, kapok and foam. 200 x 500 x 100cm.
Natalie Savage. My Fireplace. Acrylic on canvas. 90 x 90cm.
Connor Lowe. Compression IV. Concrete and steel. 134 x 32 x 28cm. £1500.
Stuart Cranfield. Drift. Oil on board. 31 x 47cm. £800.
Laura Collins. Coping Series. Polyester stuffing materials.

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