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Art advice - 08 June 2018

Top tips for buying art online

Like any purchase, sometimes an impulse buy can be an exciting and tempting way to shop. When it comes to buying art online though, it can pay to spend a little extra time considering your space, thinking about the artist, and exploring your own personal style.

So, to make finding that perfect piece for your home even easier, we’ve brought together our top tips on how to navigate and buy from the kaleidoscope of beautiful, original artworks available in our online shop.

1. Do your research

There’s something quite special about knowing more about an artist before buying a piece of their work; where they’re from, what inspires them and their story. A few minutes of online research can create a sense of intimacy which really adds that touch of magic when choosing, hanging and showing friends your new artwork. A good starting point are the artist biographies within our Artists section.


2. Take your time to make your choice

Michael Atkin, The Rookery, 2018, £255, Wychwood ArtYes, internet shopping can be super speedy, but browsing our online shop, reading up on featured artists, and taking your time to make your final selection is highly recommended when buying art online. Choosing art is a very personal experience – just like the work itself, everyone has a different style. The trick is finding the balance between mulling over your decision and not letting that original piece slip away. So brew a cup of tea, talk it over with a friend or go for a stroll whilst making your decision.


3. Don’t forget to consider your interior décor

Art is a fantastic way to add that extra personality to your home. But it’s important to think about how the piece works with your current décor. Looking to spruce up a boring room? A bold graphic print will inject some sparkle in no time. Or does your cluttered space need a detox? A neutral, calm photograph or sculpture could be just the ticket.

Bear in mind your art will likely outlast your current styling and decorating scheme, so don’t be afraid to fall in love with something unexpected – sometimes a very contemporary artwork can really shine in a period interior, or a more traditional portrait adds quirkiness to a modern room. And consider unusual ways to shake up your choice: tie your artwork to the room’s colour scheme or create a clash with the existing furniture; the list is endless and a little time spent on Instagram or Pinterest can really get those creative ideas flowing.


4. Consider the space you have available

Alex Uxbridge, Bedrooom Window, Provence II, 2018, £1250, Nicholas Bowlby GalleryWhilst shopping for art is of course an imaginative and creative process, it’s worth keeping some practical considerations in mind. How much space have you got? How light is your room? What other artworks might impact the work? Can I get it through the door?! These questions, however simple, are crucial when taking the plunge on a new piece. If you’ve fallen in love with a bright abstract painting, perhaps a quiet corner where you work isn’t its ideal home. Likewise, a thoughtful drawing or delicate print may be lost in a busy hallway, so really take a moment to consider the practicalities of the space you’re looking to fill. Have the wall dimensions to hand, perhaps use a print-out of the piece itself, and don’t forget you can always use our UK-wide free returns service if it doesn’t quite work.


5. Ask questions

Buying online doesn’t mean that you won’t find expert advice! Our expert Customer Service team has plenty of insight on artists and artwork, plus tips to help with your purchase. And it couldn’t be easier to have any burning questions answered either. Simply click the “Contact us” button (next to the piece you are looking at) to send an enquiry immediately.

You could also look through our inspirational blog which includes lots of handy how to guides, abundant with further hints, tips and advices, as well as gallery and artist interviews which detail their own art buying experiences and even reveal some top trade secrets!


6. Take the plunge and follow your heart

Magnus Gojen, My heart is yours forever, 2016, £600, Liberty GalleryWe’ve said it before, but we’re still going to say it again: what it all really boils down to, is just how much you love the artwork you’re considering buying. If you simply can’t live without it, then snap it up and don’t look back!

Our online shop has been designed to make it easy to buy and collect art. You don’t need to be an art-buying expert, or a squillionaire, to enjoy a home filled with original artwork. And to make it all the more easier for you, we offer free returns on all online purchases, giving you that extra confidence and peace of mind when hunting for new works to fill your walls with.




Main Image:
Mark Vessey, Wallpaper City Guides, 2016, signed limited edition, unframed, edition of 20, £625, Olivia Connelly.

Featured art from first to last:
Michael Atkin, The Rookery, 2016, linocut, limited edition of 30, unframed, £625, Olivia Connelly.
Alex Uxbridge, Bedrooom Window, Provence II, 20108, oil painting, signed, £1,250, Nicholas Bowlby Galery.
Magnus Gjoen, My heart is yours forever, 2016, archival print, signed, limited edition of 25, unframed, £600, Liberty Gallery.


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