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Guest Contributor - 17 September 2020

Michelle Ogundehin’s Top 5 Picks

Michelle Profile ImageLast year, if we had conducted a survey to define the term ‘luxury’, no doubt there would have been references to famous brands, far-flung destinations, perhaps a sports car or designer handbag. Fast-forward to late 2020 and we’re not so sure the answers would be as easy to predict. So, on reading Michelle Ogundehin’s recent article we instantly connected with her suggestion that the definition of luxury is long overdue a refresh, and that importantly we should refocus its meaning to describe objects that fill our hearts with joy; curating our homes into personal sanctuaries.

“……creating a personal sanctuary is not frivolous, it's fundamental to health and happiness. And quite possibly, the best future definition of luxury yet.” Michelle Ogundehin

If, like us, you’re in need of a little help when it comes to plotting out your personal sanctuary, look no further than Michelle’s very own top 5 artwork picks from our marketplace below. Whether it’s Michelle’s muted palette that might help you instil some calm into your interiors, or you share her love of all things collage, check out our short-cut to injecting a touch of Ogundehin styling into your home.




Anastasia Savinova, Brussels, architecture photo collage

Anastasia Savinova, Brussels, architecture photo collage“I thought this piece by Anastasia Savinova was perfect. It both harmonises with my colour scheme and also stands out, and I find the visual metaphor of the stacked doors and windows perfectly suited to being the first thing that I see as I walk through my own front door.” Michelle Ogundehin

We’re also huge fans of Anastasia’s collages. Capitalising on the form and texture of architectural elements, they are combined to create fantastical scenes of the location’s Genius Loci (or atmosphere), which is the title of the series. Looking at each of her final works, we can’t help but think they have a Wes Anderson charm that we would love to add to our décor.

To shop the look via our online marketplace, click here .




Jo Hummel, Outline

Jo Hummel, Outline 2“I absolutely love the graphic simplicity of this piece. It’s the sort of perfectly balanced composition of colour and line that reminds you how gifted some people are with their ability to create art. The simplicity belies the talent required to create it.” Michelle Ogundehin

Jo’s abstract collages clearly show her talent for aesthetic materiality, each piece is simply beautiful to behold. Jo is inspired by human habits and social behaviour; not only making her artwork an anthropomorphic representation of our daily lives, but also providing the lucky owners of her work with the perfect dinner table conversation!

To shop the look, click here.


Philip Richardson, Jam Jar of Water

Philip Richardson, Jam Jar of Water“If I hadn’t selected Anastasia’s artwork, this would have been my top pick. There is such a quiet reverence to Philip’s work, I feel I could look and look at this painting for ever. It’s incredibly calming to me. In fact, when I found myself repeatedly scrolling to gaze at it again, I did buy it, as I realised I couldn’t live without it!” Michelle Ogundehin

Philip sees his artwork not as traditional still life paintings but as abstract design and construction with paint, which he achieves by carefully placing his brush strokes in relation to others around them. Describing his process, there is a sincerity that is very touching “The magical yin-yang tension between the abstract construction of coloured marks and the image for me is one of the most important elements in painting”.

While Michelle has snapped up this particular piece, you can still shop the look to find a similar piece, simply click here.


Mairi Timoney, Dimensions

Mairi Timoney, Dimensions“Collage always has a special place in my heart for the sense of the hand of the maker being so supremely evident. It always makes me think that perhaps, just maybe, I could have a go myself! That said, I know full well I’d not achieve the tautness in colour and texture of Mairi’s beautiful compositions.” Michelle Ogundehin

We suspect Michelle made an intuitive connection with Mairi’s work, because the artist is inspired by architectural spaces and the stories behind them. Very much in sync with Michelle’s own architectural background. The fragmented candy colours, shapes and textures in Mairi’s limited edition prints would lighten and brighten any space.

To shop the look, click here.


Clare Packer, French Landscape

“The layers and overlaps are what drew me to this piece. It shows the artistic possibility in everything. And the power of colour and texture alone to tell a story.” Michelle Ogundehin

Multi-talented, Clare has an artistic practice which spans illustration, ceramics, sculpture and collage. Each layer of her collages has been manipulated, either using tools to work the surface or by adding paints to produce beautifully toned and textured works. The inspiration behind Clare’s collages are as varied as her talents, including gorgeous landscapes, like French Landscape, statuesque heads and abstractions inspired by the circus.

To shop the look, click here.

Clare Packer, French Landscape 


Thanks to Michelle, for her perfect picks! We hope that these artworks help you fall in love with art and inspire you to create your own personal sanctuary at home. One thing is certain – we need to jump on the collage trend right away!

To read up on Michelle’s ethos on why we all need a personal sanctuary in our homes click here. Alternatively view the #MyPersonalSanctuary wall for insight into the places that warm your heart and make you feel luxuriously relaxed at home.




Main Image:
Clare Packer, French Landscape,
2018, Collage, H 41cm x W 47cm x D 2cm, £500, Kittoe Contemporary Limited.

Featured art from first to last:
Profile image of Michelle Ogundehin
Anastasia Savinova, Brussels, 2016, Giclee, H 70cm x W 50cm, £400, Michele Mariaud
Jo Hummel, Outline, 2019, Acrylic,H 60 cm x W 60 cm x D 4 cm, £1,250, After Nyne Contemporary
Philip Richardson, Jam Jar Of Water, 2020, Oil, H 25 cm x W 20 cm x D 4 cm, £400, Lime Tree Gallery - now a part of Michelle's personal collection!
Mairi Timoney, Dimensions, 2018, Archival Print, H 30 cm x W 30 cm x D .01 cm, £250, Liberty Gallery
Clare Packer, French Landscape, 2018, Collage, H 41cm x W 47cm x D 2cm, £500, Kittoe Contemporary Limited.

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