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Affordable Art Fair
Inspire me - 29 September 2017

Top 10 at Stockholm


At the upcoming Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, 60 lovely galleries and partners will exhibit an enormous variety of artwork, from classic paintings, to fine art photography and ceramics – their creative styles and techniques are endless. We’re really proud of each and every exhibitor, they are all worth visiting during the fair, but here is a selection of 10 artworks that stood out from the crowd and caught my eye - it sure was a difficult job choosing!

1. Ai WeiWei by Johan Bergmark: “This photograph of Ai Wei Wei really caught my eye when browsing through the pictures. I like that there are multiple-ways to consider the image. It’s a photo of a well known artist, captured by a well know photographer whilst the person in the picture is holding up a magnifying glass as if inspecting the viewer.”

2. Underwater II by Alannah Robins: “I fell in love with this abstract artwork as soon as I saw it. I really like the colours and it reminds me of being at the beach, walking alongside the ocean looking for shells and stones that have been shaped by waves.”

3. Beauty and the Beast by Linus Höj Krantz: “The technique used in this print is amazing and I like studying it closely because everytime I look at it I find new little details that bring the motif to life. On a side note, Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney films.”

Galleri-Axel_Johan-Bergmark_Ai-Weiwei_fine-art-print_41x56cmAlannah Robins “Underwater II” oil on canvasLinus Höj Krantz “Beauty and the beast” linoleum print

4. This is really a special place by Bobo Wallmansson: “I’m hoping that I will be able to lay my hands on one of Wallmansson’s paintings one day. I love his monkeys and how their are portrayed in a contemporary environment, this one sitting on an armchair designed by the famous brand Svenskt Tenn and I know there are others dressed in Gucci. This painting is a lovely reminder that art doesn’t always have to be serious.”

5. Marble by Zuza Mengham: “What I like about this sculpture is that it tricks the eye. You would think that it’s made out of marble and maybe crystal, but actually it’s made out of resin. I can’t wait to see it at the fair and be able to look at it closely, I’m really intrigued that it looks like multiple materials in one piece.”

6. Tid by Yvonne Nimar: “The mixture of materials in this sculpture is really interesting. The soft surface of the wooden base against the compressed face in stone with a metal eye creates such a beautiful interplay and I really like the calm expression of the face, although it is being compressed it still makes me feel calm.”

Bobo Wallmansson “This is really a special place” oil on canvasZuza Mengham “Marble” resin sculptureYvonne Nimar “Tid” stoneware, wood, glass

7. Untiled I by Ivar Lövheim: “The Recent Graduates exhibition is always the part of the fair that I looking forward to visiting the most. This year the exhibition turns five years old and I have a feeling that it might be the best one we’ve ever had! I’ve actually already seen Lövheim’s pieces and you are blown away by the size of his work, they really take over the room and draw you in.”

8. Photograph by Håkan Elofssons: “Just like last year we’ve teamed up with Unicef as our charity partner. This year they will be exhibiting and selling images taken by photographer Håkan Elofsson. Håkan, who is known worldwide, travelled to Ethiopia to take photos of women, children and landscapes in benefit of the country, which at the moment is facing the worst drought in decades.”

Ivar Lövheim “Untitled 1” acrylic on canvasHåkan Elofssons photography, Unicef

9. Ferdinand by Ally McIntyre: “This piece stood first stood out because of the colours (it’s very convenient that my favourite colour is pink, working for a company with pink as its brand colour). After looking at it for a while, my attention shifted to a more serious and sombre feeling when I considered the subject of the piece; animal violence, and I began to imagine what it was like to feel trapped and not able to run free. I really appreciate artworks that shift your feelings when you consider them.”

10. Forgetmenot blue by Ann Frössén: “Sailing is a big passion of mine and every year I go out on a friend’s boat to the Stockholm archipelago for at least a week. For me, this artwork captures the feeling of summer and sailing, which is a reminder that you really need during winter in Stockholm…”

Ally McIntyre “Ferdinand” ScreenprintAnn Frössén “Forgetmenot blue”, digital graphic fine art print

I hope you have enjoyed my Top 10 Artwork Selection and I look forward to seeing you at the fair!


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Main Image:
Visitors falling in love with art at the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, 2016

Artworks from first to last:
Galleri Axel, Johan Bergmark, “Ai WeiWei”, Fine Art Print, 41x56cm, Edition of 19, 12,000SEK.
Galleri Duerr, Alannah Robins, “Underwater II”, Oil on Canvas, 100x100cm, 240,00SEK.
Galleri Helle Knudsen, Linus Höj Krantz, “Beauty and the Beast“, Linoleum Print, Edition of 80, 3000SEK.
Nordic Art Wall, Bobo Wallmansson, “This is really a special place“, Oil on Canvas, 12,500SEK.
OTOMYS, Zuza Mengham, “Marble“, Resin Sculpture, 28x16.5x13cm, 22,000SEK.
Galleri Sjöhästen, Yvonne Nimar, “Tid“, Stoneware, Wood, Glass, H45cm, 9,000SEK.
Recent Graduates, Ivar Lövheim, “Untitled 1“, Acrylic on Canvas, 260x143cm, 32,000SEK.
Photograph taken by Håkan Elofssons, which will be sold in benefit of Unicef.
Jealous Gallery, Ally McIntyre, “Ferdinand“, Screenprint, 90x67cm, Edition of 24, 4,150SEK.
ed.art, Ann Frössén, “Forgetmenot blue“, Digital Graphic Fine Art Print, 51x69cm, Edition of 20, 4,200SEK.


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