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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 14 September 2018

Top 10 Artworks at Stockholm

At the upcoming Affordable Art Fair Stockholm (11 – 14 October) there will be 1000s of affordable contemporary artworks from paintings and prints, to sculpture and fine art photography…but where to start? Who would know better than Fair Manager, Sylvia Rynell, and luckily, she’s taken the time to share with us the top 10 artworks at the fair to look out for.



1. Betsy Enzensberger ‘Black Silver Glitter Bomb’

Betsy Enzensberger, Black Silver Glitter Bomb, Retrospect GalleryWho doesn’t like ice cream and glitter? Ice cream is my favourite thing to eat, at all times, so naturally I was drawing to this sculpture by Betsy Enzensberger. For all the ice cream fans out there, I think its more than fair that we are entitled to a small, glittery ice cream sculpture in our homes!E


2. Mattias Frogemar ‘Alba’

Mattias Frogemar, Alba, Galleri HeraI can’t really make up my mind about Frogemar’s paintings. On the one hand, I find myself really drawn to them, but I can also find them really disturbing and quite creepy!

The element of the macabre might actually be exactly what draws me in, Frogemar doesn’t necessarily aim to make you feel at ease, but rather, to grab your attention so you are drawn in for a closer look.


3. Joaquín Lalanne ‘Still Far From Home’

Joaquín Lalanne, Still far from home, Galeria ZielinskyThis painting, at first glance, could seem like just another Campbell soup recreation, however, the more I look at it, the more interesting it becomes. Why is there an idylic little town perched so high on top of the soup can and out of reach? What is hiding in the dark forest? Are the people trying to reach the little town? Or are they running away?

I really like the surrealistic feeling of this piece, I can’t wait to see it in real life and find out more.


4. Monica Castanys ‘En Silenci’

Monica Castanys, En Silenci, Anquins Gallery After the heat wave that hit Sweden this summer, my most vivid memory of 2018 will be how much we all had so swim in the ocean to cool down. I would love to have this piece hanging in my home as a reminder of the record temperatures in Stockholm this year.



5. Andrea Torres ‘Sleet’

Andrea Torres, Sleet, Miquel Alzueta GalleryThe mixture of painting and photograph really speaks to me in this artwork. The way the subject holds her body, and her dress falls reminds me of a ballet dancer ballet and I’m curious to know what’s shes thinking about and why her face is painted over. Besides all the emotions rising to the surface when I look at it, I love how the colours work together.



6. Moja Adlersson ‘Den Stora Blå’

Moja Adlersson, Den Stora Blå, Galleri Eklund This enormous painting makes me think of the ocean for different reasons. Obviously the blue colours that Moja has used, but also its small imperfections that remind me of how waves hit the beach; never in the same way as the one before.

And obviously the lobster too, as he is the king of the sea.



7. Formento + Formento ‘Smoking Nun’

Formento and Formento, Smoking Nun, Momentum Fine Art I absolutely love the contradictions in this photograph. At first glance I can’t see beyond the nun’s habit, giving a good, holy vibe, then I immediately do a double take at the cigarette and make-up, suggesting the complete opposite. It’s a very cool piece, one that reflects on life and how we all have good and bad sides.


8. Christina Juulsgard ‘Untitled #3’

Christina Juulsgard, Untitled 3, OOV GalleryI have a feeling that sculptures will soon be having a renaissance in the art world, or at least in my own modest art collection. I bought my first sculpture last year and in addition to the previously mentioned ice cream I wouldn’t mind adding this golden one to my collection. There is something starkly figurative and organic about it that I find really intriguing.


9. Marcelina Amelia ‘Mother Goddess’

Marcelina Amelia, Mother Goddess, Liberty GalleryThere is nothing I don’t like about this limited edition print; how the pink colours contrast with the green leaves, the exotic feeling it gives me, the power of the woman, and her direct yet frightened gaze. Wow.




10. Anna Pajak ‘Innan’

Anna Pajak, Innan, Recent GraduatesOur own Recent Graduates exhibition is always one of the most exciting features of the fair. This year, our new curators Ellen K Gedda and Robin Borg have selected 6 rising stars from the art schools around Sweden. One that caught my eye is this fantastic piece by Anna Pajak. I love the colour blocks and how you are drawn into the painting – I want to see more and look over the edge into the blue abyss.

To view Sylvia’s top 10 artworks to look out for in real life, join us at Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, 11 – 14 October, Nacka Strandsmässan.

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Main Image:
Monica Castanys, En Silenci, oil on wood, 100 x 120 cm, 33.000 SEK, Anquins Gallery.

Featured art from first to last:
Betsy Enzensberger, Black Silver Glitter Bomb, resin, 6 x 6 x 1 cm, 2,170 SEK, Retrospect Galleries.
Mattias Frogemar, Alba, acrylic on canvas, 95 x 105 cm, 22,000 SEK, Galleri Hera.
Joaquín Lalanne, Still Far From Home, oil on linen, 81 x 65 cm, €5,500 SEK, Galeria Zielinsky.
Monica Castanys, En Silenci, oil on wood, 100x120 cm, 33.000 SEK, Anquins Gallery.
Andrea Torres, Sleet, mixed media, limited edition of 7 144 x 113 cm, 57,500 SEK, Miquel Alzueta Gallery.
Moja Adlersson, Den Stora Blå, acrylic on canvas, 180 x 130 cm, 28,000 SEK, Galleri Eklund.
Formento + Formento, Smoking Nun, 50 x 76 cm, photograph on archival pigment paper, 38,000 SEK, Momentum Fine Art.
Christina Juulsgard, Untitled #3, polished brass sculpture, 22 x 23 cm, 10,000 SEK, OOV Gallery.
Marcelina Amelia, Mother Goddess, limited edition print, 84 x 59 cm, 4,050 SEK, Liberty Gallery.
Anna Pajak, Innan, oil on canvas, 140 x 160 cm, Recent Graduates.


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