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Art advice - 21 September 2020

The Storytelling of Art

Profile ImageHaving been inspired by Michelle Ogundehin’s recent article, redefining what luxury means in the new normal, and stressing the importance of creating a personal sanctuary in our homes; we reached out to Domingo Comms founder Veronica Petty to share her inspiration story.

Domingo Comms was created to provide original art advice and an interior design service focused on the power of storytelling to create a magical home environment. Read on for Veronica’s explanation of this very personal ethos, plus don’t miss the Domingo Comms Long Story Short special offer – details at the end of this blog. Over to you Veronica….



Creating a personal sanctuary in my 500 sq. ft studio meant something completely different to me before quarantine. Home was a relaxing retreat from the bustling city, and a place I didn’t get to spend all that much time in. I had covered the walls with ALL the artwork, old and new, and in the evenings and on weekends they would enfold me.

Spring came, and suddenly facing the prospect of spending much more time at home, the artworks transformed into clutter, and I found myself taking it all down. Priorities shifted, now I needed office space, a separate dining area, and as much open floor as I could get in the tiny apartment I share with my husband and dog, Sheffield. So, expanding on the years I’d spent taking design courses and working in art fairs, together with my experience as a communications specialist, I set upon transforming my home.

What I developed through this process was a framework for applying tried and true interior design techniques combined with deeper exploration of the artwork and furniture in my home. Carefully selecting the pieces to remain and making deliberate design decisions, I was able to revitalize the apartment in a way that was both affordable yet deeply reflective of our own personal stories. Sharing our home’s story resonated with my community, and soon I began to work with friends and eventually clients to bring this practice to life as Domingo Comms. In this blog, I am sharing a selection of my personal tips to help you tell the story of your home:



If you don’t know where to start when it comes to buying art, begin by writing down a few memories that inspire you; a favorite holiday, a hobby you enjoy, or a place you’ve lived before. Then use that inspiration as a starting point for researching galleries and artists that may have a personal connection to these. For me, some examples (below) are:

A Gail Garica mixed-media of my my wedding venue!

My husband worked at Battersea Power Station in London before moving to New York, which drew us to this Tim Hall work.


 Garcia Studio  Battersea Power Station



When buying new art, researching the artist to make sure your values align is an important way to ensure you feel a connection with the artwork in your home. Domingo recently launched a ‘Featured Artists’ program including Latin American artists so I’m always on the lookout and Contemplation II by Maria Jose Concha jumped straight out at me.


 Contemplation by Maria Jose Concha



When ordering art online, make sure your artwork comes framed, and if not, make framing arrangements before it even arrives at your home. This will encourage you to put the work up right away. It’s true what they say: “It’s now or never”. So many times, beautiful artworks end up stored away out of sight, or even worse, ruined. Here are a selection of ‘ready to hang’ works.



Use mirrors and glass sculptures to create extra dimensions in your space; especially effective in small quarters. Hang a mirror towards your window and you immediately have more light and new perspective. A thoughtfully positioned glass sculpture such as Dizzy Spiral Vase by Charlie MacPherson will add a magical touch to any home.


 Dizzy Spiral Vase Print 11



When looking for larger artworks on a budget, hand printed serigraphs are an excellent option to obtain affordable, original statement pieces. I love #11 by Kate Banazi (above).



A Domingo gallery wall rule of thumb: For every two monochromatic artworks, add one of colour for warmth and an eye-catching focal point. And vice-versa; balance heavy use of color with a well-placed black and white photograph to add an interesting contrast. I’ve applied this concept in my own bedroom and love it!


Bedroom Photo 



Don’t get creative when it comes to hanging artwork. Follow the rules from the professionals and it will save you a lot of time filling holes in your walls. This blog post is very helpful.



If, as for me, space is at a premium, try to be strict about decluttering as you add new pieces. For every new item of furniture or artwork you add, try to sell or donate a few pieces. There are so many websites to help you do this, you could even participate in a local flea market all of which are great ways to not only pass items onto someone else who will love them, but also to recoup some of the expense of adding new pieces to your collection.


I created Domingo Comms to offer my services as an arts communications professional to both businesses and individuals, helping others rediscover their love of home through meaningful and affordable art and interior design. I feel very passionately that, your home should tell the story of you. When you begin to understand your own history through the objects and art in your home and how they connect, putting them together in an interesting way to tell a story will become so much easier.



Through the Domingo Comms Long Story Shortand The Big Picture services I apply valuable art and interior design techniques to my client’s spaces. For a limited time, Domingo Comms is offering the Long Story Short service as a 90 minute consultation for $90. Businesses are also eligible to book the 90/90 Consultation to begin marketing and PR work. Schedule today:


Thanks to Veronica for such a lovely insight into her personal and professional curatorial approach. We love the practical advice and can’t wait to reassess our own, sometimes haphazard approach to hanging our artwork. Domingo Comms is one of the many participants to our #MyPersonalSanctuary wall, follow the link below to read more stories of personal spaces brought to life with art.






Main Image:
Veronica Petty in her living room

Featured art from first to last:
Veronica Petty profile image
Gail Garcia, Trap Light, 2020, Mixed-Media, H 101.6CM x 137.16CM x D 7CM, £3,600, GarciaStudio.
Tim Hall, Battersea, 2002, Pigment Print, H 50CM x W 50CM, £480, Durlacher Contemporary.
Maria Jose Concha, Contemplation II, 2014, Oil, H 70CM x W 150CM x D 5CM, £2,900, DECORAZON Gallery.
Charlie MacPherson, Dizzy Spiral Vase, Amber, 2019, Glass, H 19CM x W 13CM x D 13CM, £775, Marine House at Beer.
Kate Banazi, # 11, 2018, H 70CM x W 70CM x D 0.1CM, £750, Gas Gallery.
Veronica Petty bedroom

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