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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 04 April 2019

The Art of Wellbeing

We are beyond delighted to have joined forces with Balance Magazine, the absolute go-to for how to live well, to create the brand new ReBalance Room at our upcoming Hampstead fair. So we sat down with Sophie Scott, Balance editor and woman with a wellness mission, to chat all things art and wellbeing. From the ideal reading spot, to the impact of colour on your mood, read on to discover Sophie's perspective on the benefits of art and creativity for your personal wellness.

Sophie Scott

What are your top tips on making the home a haven of wellbeing?

I think it starts with falling in love with your home - and what it represents to you. Even if you’re not yet living in your dream space, it is possible, even on a small budget, to create a place that is welcoming, warm and reflective of your personal style. But you have to invest emotionally in it. My flat means so much to me - it’s my sanctuary, where any masks I may have to wear during the day are dropped. Life is pretty chaotic and so my home is an antidote to that. I spend hours on Pinterest getting design inspiration.

Personally, I have tried to create pockets of space where I can express different aspects of myself - for example, I have a meditation area and shrine, brimming with candles, flowers, Buddhas, and it’s where I keep my vision board. Then an ideal reading spot. I do love a comfortable reclining chair situated in the bay of a window, with great access to natural light. Plus, a variety of indoor plants and white flowers, I particularly like English ivy hanging from baskets or shelves. It looks great and acts as an air purifier, too. Bringing the outdoors indoors is a great way to restore harmony to a space and the colour green is noted for being relaxing. I would also thoroughly recommend decluttering, especially in the bedroom - the reality is it’s hard to unwind when you’re surrounded by mess. Also, don’t forget about infusing your space with a comforting scent. My personal favourites are frankincense and lemongrass.

What kind of art do you have in your home, and what impact do you feel this has on the space?

I appreciate a variety of art and often like to play with the positioning of it in my home, so I don’t get bored. From Gustav Klimt prints to a commissioned portrait of Prince, my favourite artist of all time, and original 19th century landscape oil paintings previously owned by my parents. I really appreciate mixing styles together - having abstract art next to realism or striking contemporary photography.

Sophie Scott's home

I'm a big believer that, whatever your style, you should love the art you have in your home and it should mean something to you. It’s also important to be mindful of the nature of images you are surrounded with, since they can serve as visual cues to your subconscious. So, if you want more love in your life, for example, choose art that reflects this.

We believe that colour can be a great way to set the mood of a space. What does colour mean to you?

Colour plays a vital role in impacting my mood, as does lighting. Keeping my home fairly neutral with a cool colour palette keeps me calm, but then I love expressing my creativity through bold injections of colour. Pinks, yellows and sapphire blues are among my favourite - they remind me of being in Ibiza and feeling carefree.

Do you have any cultural or creative hobbies to help you unwind?

I want to get back into painting, but I’m afraid at how rubbish I will be! I have set up a small easel next to my window to try and encourage me to get going. I also love to write and often journal, or do automatic writing to get me into a state of flow. Plus, going to the Tate is an inspiring way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Sophie Scott's home

How do you believe expressing creativity can impact personal wellness?

I think you can eat all the ‘right’ foods, exercise daily, take time out for yourself but if you don’t have a sense of purpose, you are likely to continue to feel stuck. Purpose comes from expressing your creativity and finding what it is that gets you into flow. It takes commitment to discover what it is that truly makes your heart sing. And that changes and evolves over time. But I encourage you to make this pledge to yourself: prioritise your right to express yourself.

In our super busy, always-online society, how do you maintain balance?

I get outdoors, go for walks on Hampstead Heath. Spend time with my loved ones, eating tapas and drinking red wine. Laughing. Dancing. When push comes to shove, it’s the simple things in life that bring me joy and help me to reconnect with what really matters to me.


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Image captions:
Henrietta Stuart, Spring Dreams, oil on gesso with gold leaf, original, 28 x 36cm, £750, Nicholas Bowlby Gallery.

Headshot and interior images courtesy of Sophie Scott and Balance.

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