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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 20 December 2019

Meet Rond Carré Studio

Rond Carré Studio is made up of Brussels based creative duo, Jade Vijt and O'nonto Zaman, who have backgrounds in visual direction and creative installations. At this year’s Affordable Art Fair Brussels (11 - 13 September, Tour & Taxis), Jade and O'nonto will create an immersive installation at the entrance to the fair, plus have a dedicated booth where they’ll display artworks, derived from the project.

Brussels Fair Manager, Louise Malfait says: “I have followed Jade Vijt and O'nonto Zaman careers separately for several years now. Jade is a talented Interior Designer with a true passion for her work - in her career to date the many rich and diverse projects she has already completed are testament to that! O'nonto is an artistic director who creates short films with a unique style and has received nominations and won several awards in the United States and Canada.”

“Having visited the Brussels fair for several years, they approached us as the newly created Rond Carré Studio, with a proposal to create an installation at the entrance to the fair, which will examine the question “What is the Affordable Art Fair?” We’re very excited to be collaborating with Rond Carré Studio, and to show you how the project has evolved.”

Read on to find out more about Jade and O'nonto’s work and the unique project:


Rond Carre Studio at work


Meet Jade Vijt and O'nonto Zaman of Rond Carré Studio


Hi Jade, O'nonto, how did you first meet?

We first met briefly at school when we were around 14 years, then we were introduced again aged 20 through a mutual friend and started dating 2 years later.


Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and your backgrounds?

RondCarréStudioJade: I have been an interior architect for the past 9 years. First for various agencies in Brussels, before I set up my own pratice. I graduated in 2011 from St-Luc Institute in Brussels, and in the past year I have also returned to St-Luc to teach interior creation.

O’nonto: I’m an artistic director and have mainly worked in graphics and film. For a time I put my creative career on hold to practice music, but I returned to arts directing, particularly in graphics and music videos, after a few years.


What made you decide to create Rond Carré Studio? What are your hopes for the collaboration?

Over the years, we’ve had good ideas about each other’s projects, so we thought that collaborating and therefore being able to work on a common artistic direction was the logical next step.


Why do you think you work so well together?

We bounce off each other's ideas and discuss them without any filters.


When did you create Rond Carré Studio? And what kind of work are you hoping to work on in the future? Are you also going to continue working on solo projects on the side?

We’ve just launched the studio, and our primary aim is to create more artistic and scenographic installations together. As for our individual projects, we will always continue to work on the side but getting opinions from each other on our work.


Preview of Rond Carre Studio at Affordable Art Fair Brussels    Preview of Rond Carre Studio at Affordable Art Fair Brussels    Preview of Rond Carre Studio at Affordable Art Fair Brussels


Can you give us a taste of what you’ll be doing at Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2020?

Without spoiling the surprise, we can tell you that the main part of our work is based on a commonality between all the artworks at the fair... their packaging!


How exciting! We’re delighted that Rond Carré Studio is working on such a creative installation to wow-you as you enter the fair. Don’t forget to snap up a ticket in advance and join us for the 12th edition of Affordable Art Fair Brussels (11 - 13 September, Tour & Taxis).




Main Image:
Jade Vijt and O'nonto Zaman of Rond Carré Studio.

Featured images:
Team and progress images courtesy of Rond Carré Studio.


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