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Redefining Luxury - 22 September 2020


In Michelle Ogundehin’s recent article, the design expert talks about the impact of our interior décor on our wellbeing. To further explore this, we reached out to our collectors, galleries and the Affordable Art Fair team, to ask where their personal sanctuary is in their homes. Read on for the first in our new series of #MyPersonalSanctuary blogs, which explore how our contributors have styled their interiors to feel luxuriously relaxed at home, and how art plays a part in their décor choices:



Vanessa Seis, Fair Director, NYC

Vanessa Seis #MyPersonalSanctuaryWhen we designed the loft of our beach bungalow, it was important to us that we create a space that feels calming and safe. It’s the space we retreat to for rest, meditation, reflection and inspiration. 2020 has taught us what truly matters: health, happiness, love and compassion. As we live these values outside our home, it’s important that the spaces we retreat to, and the stories of the objects we surround ourselves with, embody these values and allow us to recharge.

We placed Devra Freelander’s desktop mountain sculpture on our windowsill, facing west, so that the setting sun could illuminate it beautifully. I was told that she loved sunsets. Working with her on our Young Talent Exhibition in 2017 was the greatest gift and her sculpture is a daily reminder to keep fighting for our planet and to live life vibrantly.

When I bought the stoneware sculpture from Robert Barone at Affordable Art Fair NYC last year, he told me that he creates two coil sculptures in his practice annually as a form of meditation and to hone his skills. I love resting my gaze on his sculpture while I meditate.

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Albert Chan, collector, Hong Kong

For me, #mypersonalsanctuary could be anywhere. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I just need solitude. During COVID, I have stayed home, worked and spent time with my family or have been alone a lot more. As it’s now summertime, my preferred personal sanctuary is a glass of chilled white wine with a detective novel on the sofa.

The artwork I have on the wall constantly provides me with inspiration. As you can see my home is relatively monotonous but my artwork is pretty colourful. It doesn’t only brighten up my apartment but also brings a smile to my face whenever I look closely at it as I discover subtle details I haven’t seen before. I like having affordable artworks at home as I think highly priced art pieces require a lot of care and even bring the owner considerable worries which would take away some of the enjoyment one gets from the sanctuary of one’s home. I think the ideal home regardless of size is where everything adds up together to create a soothing and relaxing environment.

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Albert Chan #MyPersonalSanctuary


Sarah Miller, Miller Gallery, NYC

Miller Gallery #MyPersonalSanctuarySince the pandemic started, I have given my personal spaces a bit more love. More time at home has elevated my need for nooks that feel like a visual hug.

This cozy corner of our living room is where you'll find me cracking open a good book after a day in the gallery.

#MyPersonalSanctuary surrounds me with artwork by some of my favorite female artists. These pieces are a constant reminder that we rise by lifting others. In good times and in bad, artwork has the power to bring people together, tell stories, and offer comfort.

The works in this image are by Dixie Purvis, Angela Chrusciaki Blehm, Miles Purvis Daniel, and Kate Hooray Osmond, and my Boss Lady pillow is by Jonathan Adler.

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Alan Koh, Fair Director Singapore

Being in the art industry, I have long understood the importance of having art in my home. Art is definitely at the centre of #mypersonalsanctuary – every time I look at my collection, my heart sings and I get creatively inspired.

Ever since the global pandemic started, I’ve been more closely connected to my home than ever! Normally, I hardly watch TV, but recently I’ve started to watch more movies in the comfort of my living room. I now dine in almost every day, cooking more at home. It makes every meal with my loved ones even more precious. I’ve also been working from home a lot and have had to establish a new routine.

I believe in creating an environment that works for you, motivates and inspires you. It comforts me to know that I’m safe and can relax at home, something which I took for granted before.

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Alan Koh #MyPersonalSanctuary


Thanks to Vanessa, Albert, Sarah and Alan for sharing their spaces of sanctuary. We love hearing how placing art in the home has a positive impact, helping to inspire, relax or motivate each one of our art lovers.

To see more personally perfected spaces and shop more looks, visit our #MyPersonalSanctuary page. Plus, if you’d like to be featured on the wall, simply share your own inspirational interior on Instagram to tell us all about your styling choices and how you have crafted your own personal sanctuary – don’t forget to use the hashtag and tag us!





Featured images from first to last:
First two images: Affordable Art Fair NYC Fair Director, Vanessa Seis's home, which she styled to be calming and meditative.
Art collector, Albert Chan, talks about the inspiring artwork he has in his home.
A cozy corner of Sarah Miller's home, filled with her favourite artists work. Image courtesy of Miller Gallery.
Affordable Art Fair Singapore Fair Director, Alan Koh's home, with artworks that make his heart sing.


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