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My Affordable Art - 18 August 2020

My Affordable Art XII

Welcome to our latest edition of #MyAffordableArt, our series of blogs which shares the inspiration and motivation behind our art-lovers’ collections.

This month’s edition, with contributions from London to New York, is really a series of love at first sight stories. Eye’s locking from across the room and the instant knowledge they had each found ‘the one’ for their walls! Read on for four stories of magical moments and instinctual art purchases…



Artem, art collector, London

I have always been a very visual person and have a strong interest and appreciation of visual creativity, which is why my collection ranges from advertising posters and clever product design to high art. I really enjoy art which I have some sort of personal connection to, like my works by Australian Aboriginal artists Sarrita King and Kurun Warun; both of which I purchased at Affordable Art Fair Battersea. Alternatively, I look for art that is intriguing, clever or funny, which can be enjoyed over time.

The Island by Stephen Walter was one of my very first purchases, even though it was way outside my budget at the time. I was immediately hooked, from the very first time I saw it. The artwork is a map of London in a great amount of detail, including commentary and historical references, and some humour. Every time I look at it, I spot something that I had not seen previously. I’ve owned it for over 10 years now, and it remains a central piece in my collection.

I have since acquired a number of other pieces by Stephen Walter including Subterranea (a similar map of London below ground level), which now hangs opposite The Island. I’m a fan of modern art be it from England, Russia or elsewhere, and look forward to further visits to the Affordable Art Fair to continue building my collection.


The Island by Stephen Walter is a central part of Artem's collection 


Ruthie, art collector, NYC

Ruthie's painting 'Petrichor XV' by Henry Walsh, Fine Art Consultancy London & TokyoMy father always said to me when purchasing art, "if you love it, buy it". That is, don't necessarily buy it because you think it might appreciate in value. I have followed this advice ever since I started going to the Affordable Art Fair New York City about 5 years ago.

The two pieces I just bought are my sixth and seventh purchases. Although they are very different in appearance, they both portray a simplicity and serenity which is what drew me to them.

I must say that I was a bit nervous purchasing the Henry Walsh and Karen Lynn paintings over the internet, but each turned out to be even more beautiful in person!

I don't have too much space left in my house for artwork, but I do look forward to adding to my collection again.


 Ruthie's painting 'Venice Pool II' by Karen Lynn, Fine Art Consultancy London & Tokyo


Hannah, art collector, Bristol

Marcelina Amelia, Cleanse me of my past, Liberty Gallery, courtesy of Hannah.JPGAfter just a few minutes of wandering around Affordable Art Fair Battersea Autumn 2019, I had a list as long as my arm of artworks that I wanted to take home with me. However, I knew it was love when I saw Marcelina Amelia’s work, titled ‘Cleanse me of my past’ from Liberty Gallery. The rich colours and direct gaze of the woman in the piece were so striking, my response was purely emotional, and I knew we were meant to be together. The wonderful Patsy who owns the gallery chatted me through the piece and even offered to have it sent to my flat to avoid anything happening to it on my way home to Bristol.

I placed the artwork so that it's the first thing I see when I walk through the front door, and surrounded it by lush greenery, even mimicking the Monstera plant in the artwork. My flat is quite neutral, so the location and the dark wood frame means the colours really pack a punch.


Natasha, Artist and Gallery owner, London

Gillian Garnica print, Smithson Gallery, courtesy of Natasha Barnes.jpgFinally, after waiting 11 years, I found a great piece of art I actually love enough to hang in my own bedroom. As an artist and owner of Barnes Collective gallery, I am strange like that, I can appreciate great art, but my own home is rather void. In fact, I only have one of my own artworks in my home!

When I do buy art, I gravitate towards printmaking and often think that if I had studied art I would have specialised in printmaking for sure. Perhaps it is simplicity of the medium or the powerful mark-making, but whatever it is that resonates with me, it creates excitement! And that is how we should all buy art. Art will live with you for a long time and you must own it, it must not own you.

In my bedroom I needed something monochrome and yet strong enough to bring the room together and not overpower the small space. The white and black in this piece really shows off the rich green and finishes the room, which a great piece of art selected to compliment your décor can easily do for you.

This final addition completes my bedroom lockdown project and I’m thrilled to have discovered printmaker Gillian Garnica, represented by Smithson Gallery, she has a new collector for sure! 


Thanks to all of our #MyAffordableArt contributors, especially for sharing some great pieces of advice which resonates with us here at the Affordable Art Fair. Firstly, buy for love, not investment (if it increases in price, that’s a bonus), secondly how much a great piece of art can transform your interior décor. Finally, and most importantly, to trust your gut reaction – when looking at THE piece of art, you’ll just know.

Why not start now, by using visual search to instinctually and easily browse the 16,000 works on our online marketplace? Simply click on a piece that speaks to you, to be served with a bespoke mood board of similar works.






Main Image:
Gillian Garnica print, Smithson Gallery, courtesy of Natasha Barnes.

Featured art from first to last:
Ruthie's painting 'Venice Pool II' by Karen Lynn, Fine Art Consultancy London & Tokyo.
The Island by Stephen Walter is a central part of Artem's collection.
Ruthie's painting 'Petrichor XV' by Henry Walsh, Fine Art Consultancy London & Tokyo.
Marcelina Amelia, Cleanse me of my past, Liberty Gallery, courtesy of Hannah
Gillian Garnica print, Smithson Gallery, courtesy of Natasha Barnes .

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