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Affordable Art Fair
My Affordable Art - 23 January 2019

My Affordable Art III

Discover the joy of falling for emerging talent at the Battersea Recent Graduates' exhibition, brightening up bare walls with affordable prints, and representing London's diverse culture in part three of our My Affordable Art staff series.  


Leigh Richards - UK Fair Development ManagerIllustrated map of London by Cally Lathey

I discovered this piece soon after I started working for the company. It was hanging in one of the exhibitions in the art gallery, Will's Art Warehouse, and I just had to buy it!

It’s an illustrated map of London by the artist Cally Lathey. The map is hand drawn and I love the detail as it includes quirky cultural references as well as a selection of attractions that make up London’s rich cultural and historical patrimony. I love exploring new places in London and it’s really nice to see a fun illustrated map of the area. I’m also a Londoner myself so it’s great to have a piece of work up on my wall which reflects where I grew up, it’s a real talking piece when I have guests over! 


Maura Derossis - Gallery Partnership Manager

Drawing by Recent Graduate Minjoo Kim

I recently purchased this drawing from Minjoo Kim, a Chelsea College of Arts graduate, who exhibited at Affordable Art Fair Battersea in 2017 as part of the Recent Graduates' section. The curation of this part of the fair is consistently of a very high standard and allows the visitor to experience the narrative of a group exhibition as well as support new artists who are yet to be represented by a gallery.

Apart from her skill and economy of line (just look at how the simple pinch of the stocking top into the woman’s thigh gives an impression of real flesh), what I like about Minjoo’s practice is her focus on the female gaze. I was drawn to this particular work due to its complexity and ambiguity. It appears at first glance to play to stereotypes; the sexy but passive female in a low-cut dress revealing an expanse of stocking-clad leg as she is embraced by her lover. A more nuanced reading of the scene however, could encourage one to focus on the woman’s defiant expression. She meets the viewer’s eye head on like a modern-day version of Manet’s 'Olympia'. It is unclear as to whether her raised leg is pulling her man towards her or pushing him away, but nonetheless she is master of her own destiny and sensuality. Since her time at Affordable Art Fair, Minjoo has gone on to participate in numerous solo and group exhibitions and I look forward to seeing where her career takes her.


Claudia Hogg - UK Marketing Assistant
Lucie Sheridan, 'Belles of St Clements'

After joining the Affordable Art Fair team in August 2018, it didn’t take long before I was inspired to start my own collection! As a first-time art buyer I was naturally drawn to prints due to the lower price point, which makes them a very accessible way of owning a piece of limited-edition art. I didn’t find the feeling of originality was diminished though, this print is an edition of 30 and there is something so special about knowing that there are only 29 others out there! Prints are often hand-finished by the artist too which contribute to this feeling, whether that is just a signature or some last-minute brush strokes.

I bought this Lucie Sheridan piece from Will’s Art Warehouse as a birthday gift for my boyfriend Tom - although it was definitely a bit of a self-gift too because we get to enjoy it together in the flat! We love the simplistic pop of colour that it brings to our largely minimalist décor, and the subject matter of fruit makes it a perfect, vibrant addition to the kitchen. Having our first piece of art in the home has made more of a difference than either of us first imagined, so it is hopefully the first of many pieces that we will collect together in the future. We already have our eye on a figurative Marcelina Amelia print as our next purchase… 


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Header image:
Claudia's 'Belles of St Clements' by Lucie Sheridan, from Will's Art Warehouse.  

Images from top to bottom:
Leigh's illustrated map of London by Cally Lathey.
Maura's drawing by Recent Graduate Minjoo Kim.
Claudia's Lucie Sheridan print, in situ. 


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