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Affordable Art Fair
My Affordable Art - 22 June 2020

My Affordable Art X

Now more than ever, people are turning to art to provide them with a sense of escapism, to help them make a statement, and to stimulate their emotions. Our latest group of #MyAffordableArt lovers have done just that, choosing artworks which not only successfully alter and set the mood of their spaces, but that help take them on daily journeys from the comfort of home.

Whether it’s through buying beautiful botanical paintings to introduce a calming influence to a cosy corner, or using prints to conjure memories of a special place and inspire travels planned for the future – read on to hear how their perfectly placed pieces of art are helping to spark moments of joy every day.


David & Catarina, London 

Artwork by Maria Rivans, Liberty Gallery


Regular Battersea Fair visitors, for a few years now, David and Catarina have often ‘window shopped’ from Liberty Gallery but when they moved into their new home, they decided to celebrate by taking the plunge and snapping up an artwork they’d had their eye on for a while.

“We could finally justify this lifelong treat to ourselves; ‘Marianne’ by Maria Rivans, whose work we’ve always admired. It’s really the centrepiece of our living room and brings everything to life, even on rainy, dreary days like the one pictured! It’s exciting to own something that can give you a new story every day.”

Now that we are spending an awful lot more time looking at what’s on our walls it’s wonderful to hear that Maria’s artwork is proving to be a continued source of inspiration.


Lovisa, South London, Affordable Art Fair UK Fair Operations Manager 

Lovisa's artwork from Four Square Fine ArtsHaving worked for many years on our Stockholm Fair, Lovisa made the move to London in search of new opportunities and, much to our delight, has since re-joined the Affordable Art Fair family. Lovisa’s taste is Scandi-chic at heart, from the clothes she wears to the styling of her home, so it’s only fitting that at the centre of her art collection is this Swedish gem.

“I bought this piece at Affordable Art Fair Stockholm from Four Square Fine Arts and loved how it managed to capture the beauty of Scandinavian design and the look and feel of the city – a place which is calling me back to visit as soon as I can.”

Discover our Scandi-inspired selection here


Luke & Sammi-Jo, South London 

Artwork by Richard Heeps from Bleachbox

Lured in by the rich colours of Richard Heeps’ photography at the March edition of our Battersea Fair, Luke and Sammi-Jo were in search of the first artwork they could buy as a pair. Originally saving up to see scenes like this in person, they decided to invest in a slice of armchair escapism instead.

“When we saw this ‘Joshua Tree’ piece, we agreed that we both loved it, which is pretty rare for us! The hues complement our lounge perfectly and it also acts as a little reminder of future travels - we were planning on a Californian road trip this year but obviously we’re now saving that for another day!”

The pastel skies in this piece serve as a warm reminder of the joys just around the corner, and we love the thought that over time the meaning of the piece will change, especially once they do get the chance to visit the stunning Mojave Desert pictured themselves.


Sally, North East London, Affordable Art Fair UK Fair Development Manager  


Artwork by Lucy Smallbone

Always on the hunt for emerging talent at our Fairs, Sally helped source this piece for the Battersea Autumn 20th anniversary edition, as part of the Recent Graduates’ Revisited exhibition. She loved it so much she simply couldn’t resist snapping it up for her own collection!

“I've had my eye on Lucy Smallbone's work for a while, as I think water and botanicals have a really calming influence. 'Plunge Pool' stood out to me because of the contrast between light and dark and I just couldn't let it get away. Now more than ever, it provides me with my daily dose of escapism, and I absolutely love it.”

Something that can’t go unmentioned here is Sally’s #shelfie game. We love that even though she can’t put nails in the wall she’s still got so many options for displaying her much-loved art collection. Interiors-inspo a plenty!

Discover our dedicated UAL recent graduate gallery Made in Arts London here


Have you bought something at one of our Fairs or on our Online Marketplace that’s helping you get through lockdown? Tag us in your posts and don't forget to use the hashtag #MyAffordableArt.




Image captions
Header image
Richard Heeps, Joshua Tree, photograph, Bleach Box Photography Gallery, in situ image courtesy of Luke and Sammi-Jo.

Images from top to bottom
Maria Rivans, Marianne, limited edition print, Liberty Gallery, in situ image courtesy of David and Catrina.
Sylvia Mortiz, ’Stockholm’ limited edition print, Four Square Fine Arts, in situ image courtesy of Lovisa Vasseur.
Richard Heeps, Joshua Tree, photograph, Bleach Box Photography Gallery, in situ image courtesy of Luke and Sammi-Jo.
Lucy Smallbone, Plunge Pool, painting, Recent Graduates’ Revisited, in situ image courtesy of Sally Dickson.


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