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Affordable Art Fair
My Affordable Art - 05 May 2020

My Affordable Art IX

Home is where the art is and, for that reason alone, we think it should be packed with personality. Our latest group of #MyAffordableArt lovers have done a great job when it comes to choosing artworks that express who they are as people, as well as expertly complementing their interiors – nice work!

Read on to hear how art helps to lift them every day and the parts of their personality it speaks to the most.


David & Mark, South London


Artwork by Charlotte Farmer, Smithson Gallery


A gallery hang packed with character really sets our pulses racing and this one from David and Mark (@forwardfeatures) is no exception. Their eye for colour and sense of personality really come through and we think the Lottie Farmer print they found with Smithson Gallery sets their existing artworks off to a tee.

"Lottie Farmer's illustrative piece is a vibrant addition that fits perfectly with the mix of vintage and contemporary pieces on our gallery wall. We love that each matchbox motif in the artwork has a different character and you'll often find one of us staring at it noticing something different each time! When we visited the Affordable Art Fair we knew that we wanted to bring something home that made us smile and that's exactly what this piece has done."



Sarah, Global Head of Marketing, Affordable Art Fair


Artwork by Marcelina Amelia, from Liberty Gallery
When Sarah first joined the Affordable Art Fair she already had a growing collection of artworks that she'd gathered; from her Granny’s paintings, to prints purchased on her travels. Over the years, she’s developed a keen eye for the themes that she’s most drawn too and it’s the feeling that emanates from her most recent purchase that has helped it become a central piece in her ever-expanding collection.

“Since joining the company, with so many tempting works in front of me at all times, it’s no surprise that I wanted to up my game. I was initially drawn to the colours in Marcelina Amelia’s ‘Algae’, purchased from Liberty Gallery, but then became fascinated with the organic shapes. I find the feeling of the work, which for me walks a line between serenity and melancholy, really relaxing and as the focal piece in my living room, that for me is key.”



Rebecca, UK Marketing Manager, Affordable Art Fair 


From creating her own pin hole cameras out of old paint pots through to developing film in makeshift darkrooms, Becky’s passion for photography has helped to define her growing art collection and the latest addition from Chloe McCarrick sums up her love for technique perfectly.

Artwork by Chloe McCarrick, from Mint Gallery

“I’ve had my head turned by a cyanotype or two over the past few years but at the 20th anniversary Battersea Autumn Fair, Flora from Mint Art Gallery introduced me to the work of one of her new artists Chloe McCarrick and instantly I knew this was the one for me. Listening to Chloe eloquently talk about the inspirational female figures in her work, how she handmakes her own paper and carefully develops her pieces – which, due to the long processing times for cyanotypes can take months – only made me appreciate them more.

My piece is called ‘Hypatia Studies the Stars’ and in Chloe’s words, “it’s inspired by the influential lecturer and universal genius Hypatia of Alexandria. A Philosopher, Astronomer, Mathematician and icon for Women’s Rights.” Right now, Hypatia is sitting pride of place on my mantel piece inspiring me to continue to learn and grow every day.”


Tom Gannagé-Stewart, London & Margate


Artwork by Melissa Burn
Collecting art by emerging artists has long been a passion of Tom's. He's always on the hunt for the opportunity to welcome a new piece of art into his home, to be challenged by it every day or discuss it with friends over dinner. His Affordable Art Fair purchase, pictured here, continues to be a talking point for Tom.

"Being able to support an artist at an early stage in their career is fascinating and that forms the driver for me to always be on the lookout for new and exciting talent. Watching an emerging artist develop both their practice and their following can be quite a ride – one I always enjoy greatly!

Our London home is a short walk from Trafalgar Square and so pigeons feature quite heavily in our lives. I was therefore immediately drawn to the work of Melissa Burn and her 'Kit' pieces exhibited by Bearspace Gallery in 2017. Our piece ‘Kit 01’ sits on the windowsill of our Margate escape pod and serves as a reminder of London and its infamous flying rats every time we walk past it.”


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