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My Affordable Art - 16 July 2020

My Affordable Art XI

In our latest edition of our #MyAffordableArt series of blogs, we’re delighted at the eclectic reasons why Rhiann, Veronica, Kenneth and Ellen chose to decorate their homes with artworks purchased at an Affordable Art Fair.

This month, each of our contributors are closely connected to the Affordable Art Fair, being one of our very own design team, a prior Communications Manager, a regularly exhibiting gallerist, and the Global Marketing Director! But, despite these close ties, their reasons for collecting art are entirely unique and related to their personal taste.

Read on to hear direct from each of our collectors…


The designer’s aesthetic: Rhiann Irvine, Bristol, UK


Rhiann irvine"This print caught my eye at Affordable Art Fair Battersea in 2018. Being a designer I've always been drawn to typographic pieces. I took a letterpress class at university and fell in love with the quality and texture of printing wood type so this poster by Pressing Matters and WRKSHP 33 caught my eye right away.

The Print Village at the fair was great – you not only got to see some fantstic work, but also got to make a linocut for yourself. And the best thing was, my typographic artwork was really affordable at £135.

During the past few months I've gained new appreciation for it as it's a beautiful reminder to stay creative and keep making!"

We’re lucky that Rhiann is so enraptured with graphic works, as the Affordable Art Fair team relies on her creativity, being one of the global design team.


The culture club: Veronica Petty, New York City


Veronica Petty"My Mom being from Colombia has definitely contributed to my affinity for Colombian artists, in addition to the vibrant colours and 'Tropical Pop Art' aesthetic, art from the country tends to inspire me.

I was lucky enough to work on Affordable Art Fair New York City Fall edition in 2019, when Casa Rat Trap exhibited from Bogota with artist Paola Acebedo Rueda. Her work caught my attention immediately as we worked to promote the fair, one in particular which sold out before I could get to it and so ‘La Cabeza de Perseo,’ which is Spanish for ‘The Head of Perseus,’ found its way to our living room. The print tackles notions of sexism, victim-blaming, and power dynamics within the Greek myth of Medusa, and I love the conversations it brings up and visitors' strong reactions to the work.

The best part is that my husband fully embraced the dominantly feminist work and celebrates having it at a centrepiece on our wall, even showing it off sometimes on his work calls.”

Thanks Veronica, we wish we could be a guest at one of your dinner parties to debate Paola’s arresting artwork too!


The intuitive collector: Kenneth Tan, Singapore


Kenneth Tan“My taste is eclectic. I don't collect a specific genre. I buy whatever catches my eye. It doesn't have to follow a theme or fit with what my decor looks like. That said, I do gravitate to works that showcase good artistry – well drawn or painted works, or a clever use of medium.

My home is for me, so it’s important that the art that I buy is what I like, and not just a financial investment or following a trend. My rule of thumb is that if I like an artwork, it will sit well in any part of my home as I’ll be happy to see it every day. The artwork could be hung on a wall, displayed on a chair, a table, a cabinet or even on a window. There is no hard and fast rule as to where or how art should be displayed.”

Kenneth is the Co-Founder of Utterly Art Gallery, visit Affordable Art Fair Singapore this Autumn, to see works by his roster of talented Singaporean artists in person.


The homemaker: Ellen Dewerson, Bristol, UK


Lemons by Jonathan Pocock“Having worked for the Affordable Art Fair for over a decade (wow!), I have seen thousands of incredible artworks at fairs around the world, and for much of that time I have coveted Jonathan Pocock’s work. I love the rich texture of the oil paint, which Jonathan skilfully applies using a pallet knife. While it’s a traditional still life, to me it also feels fresh and timeless.

I finally snapped it up because of one of my own memories. In my childhood home, where my family have lived for 40 years, there has always been a painting of apples hung above the kitchen table. When I visit, it's one of those objects that make me feel really grounded, and I wanted to recreate the same feeling for my daughters. In another 40 years’ time, when they visit me, I hope they see the painting and know that they are home.”

What a heart-warming motivation to decorate your home!


Huge thanks to each of our contributors, who are each led by their hearts and tastes in choosing artwork for their homes. If you’re in the browsing mood, why not try our visual search tool, which will help you to navigate the 16,000 artworks on our marketplace based on your own personal taste. Simply click on any artwork that catches your eye to be served with bespoke arty mood boards – follow the link below to get started.




Main Image:
Kenneth Tan artwork purchases from Affordable Art Fair Singapore and Utterly Art in his home.

Featured art from first to last:
Rhiann Irvine artwork purchase from Affordable Art Fair Battersea 2018.
Veronica Petty artwork purchase from Affordable Art Fair New York Fall edition in 2019.
Kenneth Tan artwork purchases from Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong and Utterly Art in his home.
Ellen Dewerson 'Lemons 2' by Jonathan Pocock

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