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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 12 March 2019

Inspired by Mexico

Having grown up in New York, I always thought that my travels would see me visit Mexico City years earlier, so when my first Mexican holiday arrived, earlier this year, I couldn’t wait to visit the cultural hot-spots that I’ve been waiting my whole life to experience. At each gallery and museum, I was wowed by the colors, the culture, art and history – and on return to New York, I was excited to find more works by Mexican artists.

Uriel Marin, ChapoteandoLuckily, at Affordable Art Fair New York our 70 galleries have an incredibly diverse mixture of over 400 artists including plenty to feed my Mexican art appetite. In this blog, I would like to share three of my favorites which you can find at the Spring Edition this March 27 – 31.


Uriel Marin, Oaaxaca

The area of Oaxaca, on the east cost of Mexico, is well-known for traditional printmaking. Not only an expert at creating his own printing, etching and engraving works, Uriel also mentors a group of young artists on how to take traditional techniques to a modern level. We love this detailed piece featuring meticulous line work to bring the ripples of the water to life. The work is called Chapoteando (Splashing) and you can see why!

See Uriel's work on the OLIVIA CONNELLY stand (B3).

 Francisco Valverde

Francisco Valverde, Cuernavaca

If, like me, you love the Mexican culture’s bright colors, then don’t miss Francisco Valverde’s work at the fair. His modern abstract work is inspired by his obsession with daily routine, and the freedom he experimented with as a child; drawing and scribbling on a piece of paper for the very first time. Francisco’s works also contain a nod to tradition – the smooth and colorful finishes of his paintings remind the artist of the colorful, shiny candies he used to eat as a child at local fairs.

See Francisco's work on the Evan Lurie Gallery stand (E7).


HUGO G URRUTIA, Ciudad Juarez

HUGO GARCIA-URRUTIA, Desert RoseHugo Garcia Urrutia is an interdisciplinary artist, interested in the cross-pollination between art, architecture and nature – and by taking just one look at his artwork, you can see how clearly he expresses this with his rigid and geometric sculptural forms. Talking about his work, he says “I am interested in the notion of a wave, a synchronized flock of birds, a silk fabric soothingly moving with the wind. Then I challenge myself to try to mimic these noble forms…” Hugo is a graduate of the Architectural Association in the United Kingdom, and not only fascinated with form, he explores and uses technology to design and fabricate his textural works.

See Hugo's work on the DECORAZONgallery stand (C1).

One of the great things that I love about the Affordable Art Fair is that you can find works by artists all over the world. By wandering the aisles at the fair, you can find your perfect vacation-inspired work and take it home that very same day to enjoy for years to come. Keep an eye out for these, and many other Mexican artists at Affordable Art Fair New York this spring and I look forward to seeing you there.




Main Image:
Hugo G Urrutia, Golden Karat, 2018, oil laquer paint on carved Baltic birch, 20 x 45 in, $3,500, Decorazon.

Featured art from first to last:
Uriel Marin, Chapoteando, 2016, woodcut print, edition of 20, 129 x 90 cm, $1,550, OLIVIA CONNELLY.
Francisco Valverde, Dommadgee, 2018, pigmented resin on panel, 48 x 48 in, $5,500, Evan Lurie Gallery.
Hugo G Urrutia, Flexible Rigids – Desert Rose, 2018, oil laquer paint on carved Baltic birch, 57 x 59 in, $7,000, DECORAZONgallery.


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