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Interviews - 28 September 2018

Recent Graduates Stockholm

This year, we have two new curators for the Stockholm Recent Graduates exhibition. Having reviewed work by graduates from the top art schools across Sweden, our curators have hand picked the cream-of-the-crop just for you! We had a little chat with Ellen Klintenberg Gedda and Robin Borg about the six rising stars they have picked out for the fair!

Recent Graduates curators Ellen Klintenberg Gedda and Robin BorgEllen is currently studying for her master’s in Curating Art at Stockholm University inspired by her experience as Assistant Curator at art hall, Magasin III. Robin has recently graduated from Stockholm University with a bachelor’s degree in Art History and has since then worked in art management. Ellen and Robin actually met for the first time one year ago, at the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, and struck up a friendship through their shared interest in both contemporary art and the fair.



Talk us through your role as curators, how did you select the artists?

Catrin Karlberg, Lynx LynxRB: Curating the Recent Graduates show is a year long project! This spring we visited art schools all over Sweden to look closely at their bachelor and masters graduation shows. It was really hard to select the artists we wanted to exhibit, but finally we landed on Anna Pajak, Catrin Karlberg, Grete Larsson, Johannes Hägglund, Sara Gewalt and Sofia Lind who will all be presenting their work, and we think will appeal to the broad audience at Affordable Art Fair Stockholm. For us, it was so important to meet with the artists beforehand and speak with them about their vision and get their thoughts on the fair. The benefit of these meetings was that the process became quite ‘organic’ - together we have worked on the artwork selection and developed the overall vision for the show.


Tell us more about the vision

EKG: This year’s Recent Graduates will present everything from large scale oil paintings, graphics and ceramics, through to sketches and even a textile installation. We have purposefully selected six artists that works in various mediums and techniques, although several of them share an approach to their artistic practice, where the work itself, such as painting, sculpting or weaving is at the heart of it. We have chosen to work with artists whose work we are personally attracted to, hoping that their works also appeal to Affordable Art Fair's visitors.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Johannes Hägglunds, oil and pastel on canvasEKG: We get the most inspiration from our interactions with the artists themselves. Once we selected our Recent Graduates 2018, we’ve been visiting their artists' studios – these visits have been taking place since the beginning of the year and have really nurtured the project. Talking to them about their artistic work and getting to know their thoughts, ideas and perspectives about the world is very inspiring. We’re so pleased that there will also be the opportunity for Affordable Art Fair's visitors to meet the artists at the fair!


Can you give us a sneak preview of what to expect from each artist?

Gete Larsson, Mönster 1, högtryckengångstryck, 46x66cmRB: Anna Pajak works with large scale paintings that float between the figurative and the abstract whereas Catrin Karlberg works with textiles in different shapes and formats. Grete Larsson works as a graphic designer and creates interesting patterns which she then turns into monoprints. Johannes Hägglund on the other hand draws inspiration from ornaments and carpentry, in his paintings you can clearly see the buildt up process to reach the final piece. Sara Gewalt works with ceramic sculptures and Sofia Lind plays with repetitive patterns and shapes throughout several techniques, including water colour and painting on silk.

EKG: One thing that all of the exhibiting artists have in common is that they are forming very interesting artistic careers and our hope and ambition is that the visitors will spot a new favourite artist within the group to follow over time.


And finally, what has been your best artistic experience to date?

EKG: One of the best experiences I’ve had was seeing Edith Dekyndts ‘One Thousand and One Night’ at the Venice Biennale 2017!

RB: I was mesmerised by Pipilotti Rist’s audio installation called ‘Gravity, Be My Friend’ from 2007 that was shown at Magasin III 2014. It’s one of those works where all of your senses are activated so that you forget the room and space you are in.


To see the exhibition for yourself, plus meet both the Recent Graduates and curators Ellen and Robin - don't miss the upcoming Affordable Art Fair Stockholm.

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Main Image:
Anna Pajak's studio and works that will be on display at Affordable Art Fair Stockholm.

Featured art from first to last:
Catrin Karlberg, Lynx Lynx, 2017, textiles.
Johannes Hägglunds, untitled, 2018, acrylic and oil on canvas.
Gete Larsson, Mönster 1, 2018, graphic print.


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