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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 12 October 2018

Singapore's Young Talent Artists

Every year, Affordable Art Fair Singapore nurtures talented young local artists and provides them with a stage to shine and rise. This year, we are hosting the Young Talent Programme 2018/2019 in collaboration with ION Art and with support from Hotel Jen.

Arya Wirawan, Silent prayer, 2018, acrylic and ink on MDF Panel, 21 cm x 29 cm, 500SGDOur eight artists have now been selected by the Young Talent Programme committee and they can’t wait to meet the art-loving public at the Singapore fair (16 – 18 November). But we just can’t wait that long to unveil the troupe! So here’s an introduction to each of the talented artists, their artwork and their background. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Young Talent artist and be in with the chance to win a staycation at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway!


Arya Wirawan

Born in 1986, Indonesian artist Arya Wirawan is deeply inspired by myths, folklore and the messages conveyed through their stories. In his work, Arya re-writes, re-designs and re-creates these legends in a new form, particularly targeting adults, prompting the viewer to reflect on the cultural issues and problems in daily social life.



Atsuko Mochida, Young Talent Finalist, Affordable Art Fair SingaporeChallenging the boundaries of physical space, Japanese-born Atsuko Mochida, transforms physical spaces into installations that provoke feelings such as fear or nostalgia. Her work aims to transcend the perception and behaviour of her audiences, right down to their subconscious. Atsuko will create a site-specific installation for Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2018 which aims to question the role of identity in today’s world.



Dezi Chui, Nus Baba House Singapore 1970, 2017, Digital Paint, 42 x 29.7cm, SGD1000Tack Chee, Chui (Dezi Chui)

Transforming his childhood hobby into his profession, Chui Tack Chee (Dezi Chui) is a 33-year-old Malaysian artist who combines his artistic skills with architectural images. Using pencil and charcoal, his work blends his all-time favourite imagery such as historical landmark buildings with icons from the 50’s to the 80’s, which he then manipulates digitally. Within his artwork Dezi Chui reflects the social, technological and cultural advancement of the world – thematically his work is instantly recognisable through the nostalgic juxtaposition of historic and modern society references.



Jia Qi, Lim (Jacey)

Lim Jia Qi Jacey, The cat feeder, 2018, Ink on concrete, 51 x 96 x 5, 600SGDInspired by the French literary concept “Flâneur” (to act as a detached observer of your surroundings and daily life), the 21-year-old Singaporean artist Jia Qi Lim (Jacey) captures the poetics of urban life in its essence. Her primary medium involves taking photographs which she recreates with adjusted perspectives and positive-negative space. Working with both traditional printmaking and contemporary practice using concrete slabs as an alternative base – technical relief printmaking is at the heart of Jacey’s work.


Zoey Wong, Goodbye, 2017, Embroidery, 200SGD per hoopZoey Wong

Taking inspiration from morbid and macabre topics such as death, mortality and dreams, Zoey Wong plays around with themes and materials to create works that suggest impermanence and temporality. Creating multi-layered artwork using perishable materials, illustrations and embroidery, the multi-dimensional and multi-sensory pieces aims to communicate a sense of ethereal unease or abnormality to her audiences.




Joanne Pang, Offshore, Chinese ink and acrylic on polycotton, 190 x 100 cm, SG$6000Born in 1986, Joanne Pang’s artworks explore the relationship between structure, materiality and place. Through challenging depth and proximity, she utilises the fluidity of ink and water and plasticity of acrylic to reflect tangent states of the mind. Joanne is particularly drawn to geometry, nature and typography which informs her abstract visual process.



Liu Ling, Flora, 2018, Charcoal on paper, 100 x 70 cm, SGD3980Ling, Liu

Liu Ling, a Chinese realism artist is constantly amazed and inspired by the beauty that quietly lays within the ordinary, ignored and forgotten. Thrilled by the miracle of seeing inanimate materials translated to something lifelike, she captures all noticeable and unnoticeable details onto canvas to pay tribute to the wonder of life and remind us all not to lose connection with our surroundings.



Yu Ting, Ong

Yu Ting Ong, Leaf, 2018, Oil on Board, 25 x 35 cm, 800SGDDeeply informed by Taoism and its philosophy, Yu Ting Ong draws from nature and water as a source of contemplation on harmony and duality. Contemplating the condition of “flatness” in today’s digital world, her works convey forms and patterns with less defined and permeable boundaries, spaces and dimensions. The colours planes do not only embark a means of internal resolution but also a pictorial representation.


Wow. To meet our talented band of young talented artists, join us at the upcoming Affordable Art Fair Singapore, where you will not only be able to see their works in person, but meet the artists behind them. Plus we are sure, now that you have learnt all about their works and inspiration, you will want to vote for your favourite! (And win that lucky Hotel Jen Orchardgateway staycation of course!)

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Main Image:
Jia Qi, Lim, The cat feeder, 2018, ink on concrete, 51 x 96 x 5 cm.

Featured art from first to last:
Arya, Wirawan, Silent prayer, 2018, acrylic and ink on MDF panel, 21 x 29 cm.
Atsuko, Mochida, mixed media, site-specific installation.
Tack Chee, Chui (Dezi Chui), Nus Baba House Singapore 1970, 2017, digital paint, 42 x 29.7 cm.
Jia Qi, Lim, The Cat Feeder, 2018, ink on concrete, 51 x 96 x 5 cm.
Zoey Wong, Goodbye, 2017, embroidery, dimensions vary.
Joanne Pang, Offshore, YEAR, Chinese ink and acrylic on polycotton, 190 x 100 cm.
Ling, Liu, Flora, 2018, charcoal on paper, 100 x 70 cm.
Yu Ting, Ong, Leaf, 2018, oil on board, 25 x 35 cm.


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