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Human Connection - 07 September 2020

Meet Kin Choi Lam

Profile ImageAs the world reawakens; we’re tentatively working out what the ‘new normal’ means for our daily lives and experiencing the joy of seeing friends and family again. To mark this unique time, here at the Affordable Art Fair, we’ve decided to explore the theme of human connection, reaching out to some of our talented creatives whose work delves into the myriad facets of our daily experiences.

In our final ‘human connection’ blog, we’re bringing you two interviews for the price of one, as we meet Cammie from Hong Kong gallery Eye Contemporary and their minimalist artist Kin Choi Lam. We have long been fans of Kin Choi Lim’s poignant artworks, and it’s clear that Eye Contemporary feel the same way. Read on for fascinating insights from different sides of the art-world…




Hi Kin Choi Lam, can you tell us a bit about your practice?

Drawing and printmaking are my favourite art forms, especially pencil drawings and mono-printing. Most of my works are inspired by movies, stories and cities I have been to.


In your ‘Waiting’ series there is clearly a huge amount of love portrayed, but also a sense of melancholy because of the distances – can you tell us more about this tension?

'Waiting' is a series about people and relationships. By using various numbers and shapes of lines, many implications are created. I believe the viewer can also make different interpretations at different times. The lines emphasise the distance and tension between the characters. However, what I drew is only a certain moment, who knows if it will be a sad story at the end? I am sure the viewer will make their own interpretation based on their life experiences.




Do you feel the sense of intimacy helps viewers connect to your work? Do you think this universal?

I am surprised that people from different parts of the world could connect their own stories to my works, even my pieces are mostly created with some trivial fragments from my memory. However, there is a lot of white space in my works, so I guess people fill these spaces with their own imagination.


Some of your works are monochrome and minimal, while others are filled with colour, such as the Between Spring and Summer series. How do you make your stylistic choices when planning your work?

I have been making monotone drawings since I was at university, and a few years ago I started to explore and experiment with the layers of colour. What I am aiming to capture is a ‘frozen’ memory or moment from my mind. Some of these memories are filled with colour, while others are still black and white.


 In studio


What would you say are the most rewarding or challenging aspects of being an artist today?

Being an artist gives you more flexibility to live in, or travel to different countries, where a lot of unexpected experiences and inspiration are waiting for you! With today’s digital possibilities, it’s also easy to share your new experiments with everyone online.


What advice would you give to any aspiring artists reading this interview?

I think it is crucial to visit exhibitions and see a variety of art forms, you can get inspiration from a sculpture even if you are a painter! It’s always exciting to observe the original works and details that other artists created in person.




Hi Cammie, can you tell us a bit about Eye Contemporary, what sort of work would we typically find on the gallery walls?

Cammie, Gallery ownerEye Contemporary is a young gallery, established in 2015 in Hong Kong. Our focus is emerging contemporary artists from all over the world. Our belief is that the world should be a gigantic art space and any wall can become a gallery, whether it’s in your home, office, a chic cafe or even a public corridor! Our aim is to turn the world into a fun and arty place to live in – our motto is Bring Art Home and be inspired.




How do you find and select the artists you represent?

We never stop scouting for new artists to welcome into our family. We visit art exhibitions, fairs and graduation shows. Sometimes our own artists will make referrals to us. We are fortunate to work with artists who share our view – that art should be brought home, not only seen in museums, and we love it when one of our artists’ works inspires a collector.

 Your Name

What drew you to Kin Choi Lam’s artwork?

Oh, it was love at first sight! We were so impressed by the ‘less is more’ style in his ‘Parallel’ series. It's amazing how in just a few lines, he can inspire deep contemplation on relationships – the intimacy, the distance, the connection and maybe separation... everyone has a different take-away from his work. The ‘Parallel’ has become a global success, we have collectors from New York, London, Stockholm, Milan, Brussels, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Hong Kong! We’re particularly pleased because we are able to successfully showcase artwork from a Hong Kong artist.




What is the most exciting thing about working with contemporary artists?

Working in the art world is already rewarding – every day you are surrounded by fabulous artworks! Then you have the opportunity to work with the creators; to learn about their inspiration, the ideas behind the works, the techniques they use and what they want to communicate. Each encounter is an exploration and a discovery process. It's truly exciting and satisfying.


Thanks to both Kin Choi Lam and Cammie for their lovely answers; we hope they have inspired you to fill the spaces of minimalist artworks with your own interpretations, and likewise turn every possible wall into an art gallery!

To browse more of Kin Choi Lam's artwork, follow the link below, or to peruse more emerging artists courtesy of Eye Contemporary, simply click here.





Main Image:
Kin Choi Lam, Parallel, 2016, ink, H 40 cm x W 30cm x D 3cm, £390, Eye Contemporary Art Gallery

Featured art from first to last:
Profile picture of Kin Choi Lam.
Kin Choi Lam, Waiting, 2016, ink, H 30 cm x W 40cm x D 3cm, £390, Eye Contemporary Art Gallery
Kin Choi Lam in his studio.
Cammie, gallery owner of Eye Contemporary Art Gallery.
Kin Choi Lam, Your Name, 2018, ink, H 30 cm x W 40cm x D 3cm, £390, Eye Contemporary Art Gallery
Kin Choi Lam, Parallel, 2016, ink, H 40 cm x W 30cm x D 3cm, £390, Eye Contemporary Art Gallery
Kin Choi Lam, Between Spring and Summer- Orange , 2019, ink, H 40 cm x W 30cm x D 1cm, £190, Eye Contemporary Art Gallery

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