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Affordable Art Fair
Interviews - 21 October 2017

Meet CSM Short Courses

We sat down with Shauna from CSM Short Courses to find out a bit about their arts classes and the workshops they'll be hosting at our Battersea fair. 

Can you tell us a bit about CSM Short Courses and what you do?  CSM Short Courses

Central Saint Martins Short Courses are evening, weekend and holiday courses that are taught by CSM and UAL (University of the Arts London) alumni and tutors throughout the year. We teach our classes in the same studios that the full time and foundation students use, when they are not using them, or as online modules for enhanced flexibility. Our students come from all over the world to study with CSM in order to progress their education in the arts, enhance their careers, develop a hobby or just try something totally new!

I am the Marketing Manager, so it’s my job to promote our short courses within the UK and around the world. We are really pleased to be partnering with the Affordable Art Fair for the second year to bring our workshops and talks out to Battersea to reach people that have a passion for art.

Do people need to have previous art knowledge or experience to attend?

No! The only thing students need to join our courses is an interest in their chosen subject and to meet any experience requirements explained in the course description. The majority of our courses are beginner level, so they are really accessible for students of all levels that want to explore new techniques.

CSM Short Courses

Which is your most popular course? 

Hard to narrow it down to just one, we run over 500 different courses each year! Enhanced Illustration, which combines drawing and computers, fashion design and our jewellery courses are always in high demand.

What kind of workshops can we expect at the Battersea Autumn fair? 

Our workshops will provide a great introduction to drawing, collage, and idea generation, while the talks will have a focus on collecting art. Guests can definitely expect to see things a bit differently afterwards!

Check out our full programme for our Battersea fair here and be sure to pop by the Talks Lounge to hear from CSM Short Courses on collecting and buying art on Saturday, or on using Instagram as a source to start your photography collection at 1.30pm on Sunday. Book your tickets to Battersea Autumn Collection now »

Images provided by CSM Short Courses. 

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