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Affordable Art Fair
Stockholm - 28 August 2019

Meet Carolina and Agneta Gynning

At the Affordable Art Fair, we’ve long believed in the power of art to improve our mood and wellbeing. So, with this in mind, at the 2019 Stockholm fair (10 – 13 October, Nacka Strandsmässan) we’re aiming to raise the awareness of the therapeutic practice of Art Therapy.

Carolina and Agneta GynningTo support our cause, we’ve partnered up with creative mother and daughter duo, Carolina and Agneta Gynning! Two very special artists who, like us, want to raise the profile of this beneficial therapy. Together the talented two-some will not only work with us to raise awareness about Art Therapy, but also funds for our selected charitable organisation, MIND.

Artist and creative soul Carolina Gynning grew up surrounded by art. Her mother, Agneta, is a renowned sculptor who also runs Studio Gynning in Malmö. In our latest blog, they tell us all about their creative lives and their personal belief in Art Therapy:




Why is Art Therapy so close to your hearts?

Carolina Gynning, Tears In the Rain, 47 x 47 cmCAROLINA: During certain periods of my life I have felt low, during which the creative process has really helped me and served as a therapeutic mode of expression. During those periods I painted a lot of exciting works to try to represent my feelings – these works fit perfectly into the theme "Art Therapy". So, when the Affordable Art Fair asked me to collaborate as a part of this project, it felt like a no brainer to say yes!

To stand in front of a canvas with good music is the purest form of therapy for me.


What role art has played in your life?

CAROLINA: Art is in my blood and has always played an important role in my life. I spent much of my childhood in my mother's atelier. First it was my hobby and worked as therapy, today I’m delighted that I make a living out of it.


It must be special working so closely as mother and daughter, how does it impact your personal and professional life?

Agneta Gynning, Find your balanceAGNETA: Our professional relationship is in symbiosis with our personal relationship. Of course, sometimes we need to take the time to concentrate solely on professional things, such as upcoming exhibitions. But to have the unique chance to work so close with your daughter is amazing which of course keeps us close. Also having the mutual interest for art leads to interesting conversation and discussions.

CAROLINA: My mother has always been a great support when it comes to my art. We have never competed, and she has been my source of inspiration and role model. She is one of the reasons I have had the courage to follow my dreams.


What are you most looking forward to at the fair Agneta?

AGNETA: I’m really looking forward to being part of a big art fair that places such an importance on Art Therapy, making it the central theme, and collaborating with MIND, a charity that I respect a lot is great. I truly think it’s fantastic that creativity can be used as a method to cope with anxiety. To be able to express ourselves creatively is a fantastic way to work with our inner emotional lives, and as an artist – to be able to improve the emotional state of others when viewing my work, is very humbling.



Not only will Studio Gynning be donating 10% of their gallery sales at the fair to MIND, Carolina and Agneta have also donated one artwork each to the organisation (below), 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these works will go directly to MIND, helping raise awareness about mental health.


The artwork donated by Carolina GynningAgneta Gynning_The Survivor



MIND is a Swedish non-profit organisation working to improving mental health. Their mission is to promote mental health and prevent mental health issues by offering support through helplines, sharing knowledge and raising public awareness as well as advocating for change and increased understanding of issues relating to mental health.

MIND was founded in 1931 as Svenska Föreningen för Psykisk Hälsa (SFPH), the Swedish Association for Mental Health. MIND is a charity and rely on grants and donations, both from the private and public sector.


To support this worthy cause, snap up a ticket to the fair were you’ll be able to meet Carolina and Agneta in person and browse their works on the Studio Gynning and MIND stands.




Main Image:
Carolina Gynning creating a painting en plein air.

Featured art from first to last:
Carolina and Agneta Gynning.
Carolina Gynning, Tears In the Rain, mixed media, 47 x 47 cm, Studio Gynning.
Agneta Gynning, Find Your Balance, bronze, Studio Gynning.
Carolina Gynning, Surrender, mixed media, Studio Gynning.
Agneta Gynning, The Survivor, rubber, Studio Gynning.


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