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Affordable Art Fair
Hamburg - 29 August 2019

Meet Brigette Hoffmann

Born and raised in Miami, half Nicaraguan, half German and living in Hamburg, it’s no wonder that Brigette Hoffmann’s artwork is a whirlwind of colour and chaos with all of those wonderful cultural influences.

Joining Affordable Art Fair Hamburg (14 – 17 November, Hamburg Messe) as our Open Studio artist in residence, we just can’t wait to sit alongside Brigette in hope of creating some multi-media works as fun and full of life as her own artwork.

Brigette tells us about her practice and excitement about the fair in our latest blog:



You’ve brought the Miami colour palette to Hamburg to brighten up our understated blue-grey city. How have the Hamburgers reacted to your art?

Brigette Hoffman Queen 1 Sasha Velour 2019 Polymer clay, wire, acrylic12 in x 5 in Not for saleI wish I could pack every colour of Miami into a magic bag, bring it over here on a plane and let it explode all over the city. Hamburg is very much a city of grey, black and blue, but the feedback I’ve received from most Hamburgers regarding the colour palette in my work has been interesting in a good way to say the least. I’ve been surprised myself to see their reactions. It’s the first thing that pulls a viewer into my work. You can’t get mad at my colours, it’s impossible. I think it’s refreshing for Hamburgers.


Where does your interest in art come from?

My interest in art comes from a heavy little place deep, deep in my loins.


Modelling clay, cardboard, fabric… you use so many materials in your art. What do you like most about it?

I like to be very versatile with my work and working with different materials keeps me excited and interested.


Brigette Hoffman Burn rubber 2019 Acrylic and pastel on canvas 160x170 cm€ 4,950


Who or what has been the biggest influence on your work?

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I am my own influence on my work, but my other biggest influence is definitely my mother. She taught me to work with perseverance and persistence. To be honest in life and in my work. And doing that will bring me moments of happiness and hopefully for others too.


It’s a lot of fun to follow you on Instagram and to dip into your mix and match colourful world of art, fashion and lifestyle. Is social media also a part of your art practice?

Social media is definitely not a part of my art practice. But it’s a great tool to keep my friends and family overseas updated on my work and what I’m doing in a quicker sense. It is also just like having a live portfolio of my work which is fun to manage. I promised myself I’d actually delete me social media accounts by the time I’m 30 but let’s see how that plays out :D


You’re studying at the HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg, with Anselm Reyle as one of your teachers, but you’re already working closely with Affenfaust Gallery and just took part in the exhibition “Alles Kneten” at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. It looks like Hamburg is treating you well! How has your life changed since you’ve moved to work and live here?

Hamburg has been very good to me and I’ve gained loads of experience over the last five years, since moving to the city. I’ve been very lucky here.


Brigette Hoffman Dear God,2019 Acrylic and pastel on canvas 160x160 cm € 4,800


To visit Brigette's Open Studio and work along side her, click here to buy a ticket to the fair. The Open Studio will be open every day of the fair between 2pm – 4 pm in the workshop space where you’ll be able to get to work alongside Brigette and get to know more about her creative practice – we can’t wait!




Main Image:
Hamburg Open Studio artist in residence, Brigette Hoffmann.

Featured art from first to last:
Brigette Hoffman, Queen 1 Sasha Velour, 2019, polymer clay, wire, acrylic, 12 in x 5 in, not for sale.
Brigette Hoffman, Burn rubber, 2019, acrylic and pastel on canvas, 160 x 170 cm, € 4,950.
Brigette says her social media accounts are a live portfolio of her work.
Brigette Hoffman, Dear God, 2019, acrylic and pastel on canvas, 160 x 160 cm, € 4,800.


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