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Affordable Art Fair
Fairs - 07 October 2020

Meet Artist: Leonie Schneider


We’re delighted to introduce the latest bright, young talent to be presented by Rademakers Gallery, Leonie Schneider.

Nominated in 2020 for The Royal Award for Modern Painting, Leonie’s drive to share stories is at the core of her vibrant, intricate compositions. Ahead of the Affordable Art Fair Dutch Edition we caught up with Leonie, to find out more about her background, day to day life and what inspires her practice. Read on for more...



Could you tell us about how your career as an artist started?

My desire to study art was ignited when I moved to New York for six months after high school and totally immersed myself in the vibrant local art scene there. I just wanted to be part of this world so upon my return, I applied for various art schools, even for few acting courses. When I was accepted by the Royal Academy in The Hague, it was clear that ‘Visual Arts’ was the right path for me.

During my time there, I took the opportunity to explore many different mediums and approaches to making art. I really became passionate about sculpture and metal work techniques. In fact, wasn’t until after I finished my studies that I found my way back to painting and, more specifically, the act of storytelling through painting. Character and narrative have always fascinated me and been at the core of my work, regardless of the medium I’m working in.


Leonie Schneider, Scout & AngusLeonie Schneider, Demi & Percy


How would you describe a typical day in the studio?

My studio is a 2-minute walk from where I live so I’ve got no excuses not to go! Once I’m in the studio, there are no distractions, I close the door and don’t leave until 7 hours later when it’s time to go home.

I usually work on one piece at a time and I start by mixing colors, sometimes using natural pigment, sometimes acrylic. At this point I’m already back in the narrative with the stories and patterns developing as I paint. There is one little sketch at the very beginning of a new work, but the majority of the story really develops on the canvas.


Which artist has had the greatest impact on you and why?

Grayson Perry is definitely an artist whose work I admire but truthfully, I’m mainly inspired by my contemporaries—the painters and sculptors that I went to school with.

I always look for great storytelling in art and the thesis by artist duo and fellow Royal Academy graduates, Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen, was definitely one that inspired me tremendously. It was such a captivating, theatrical narrative.


What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I’ll be part of the Royal Award for Modern Painting exhibit opening October 8, which is definitely the highlight of my career! Another highlight was the exhibition of my thesis at the museum in Kranenburgh Museum, and I have actually never shown at an art fair before, so the Affordable Art Fair Dutch Edition will hopefully be my next milestone!


What would you say are the most rewarding and the most challenging aspects of being a young artist today?

Leonie Schneider, Demis is driving, 2020

The most rewarding aspect is that my work is getting a much larger audience now that I’m represented by Rademakers Gallery. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the exhibition that is currently on view at the gallery, which is just wonderful.

Being exposed to such a large audience all of a sudden definitely puts me under pressure to create new work, but I’ve always loved being in the studio and it’s very motivating to me. That said, I would never rush a piece and taking my time in every aspect of creating the works – painting obviously but also building the frames, stretching the canvas etc. is important to me. I won’t let myself get rushed or compromise on these aspects of my work.

A new challenge recently has been creating work on a smaller scale which I did for the upcoming Affordable Art Fair because, usually, my work is quite large with a lot of detail. But it’s a wonderful challenge that I enjoy taking on!


What are you most looking forward to at the Affordable Art Fair Dutch Edition?

It’s just super exciting to be exhibiting this Autumn at de Kromhouthal, as this is my first art fair ever. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and speaking about my work. I also love that this fair is a platform for emerging artists and new collectors alike.


Huge thanks to Leonie for sharing her inspiration and story with us, to see her work in person, join us at Affordable Art Fair Dutch Edition (29 October – 1 November, de Kromhouthal) mark the dates in your diary and purchase a ticket via the link below.





Main Image:
Leonie Schneider , Frida’s TV Time, 2020, Unbleached cotton, acrylic paint, fabric dye, 137 x 180cm, Rademakers Gallery.

Featured art from first to last:
Leonie Schneider , Scout & Angus, 2020, Painting, 100 x 70cm, 3000, Rademakers Gallery.
Leonie Schneider, Demi & Percy, 2020, Painting, 80 x 80cm, 3000, Rademakers Gallery.
Leonie Schneider , Demis is driving, 2020, Painting, 180 x 140cm, 4000€, Rademakers Gallery.


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